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Found 1 result

  1. Click on the icons to go to the page you want Melee Armour Ctrl-F do search what you want faster if you want to find Torva for example, just enter 16. 1. Beginner - Level 1 (Beginner helm, Beginner platebody and Beginner platelegs) 2. Destruction - Level 40 (Defence) (Enchanted chest, Task scroll medium/easy) (Helmet of destruction, Platebody of destruction and Platelegs of destruction) 3. Elite Black - Level 40 (Defense and Constitution) (Clue scrolls and Enchanted chest) (Elite black full helm, Elite black platebody and Elite black platelegs) 4. Corporeal - Level 40 Defense (Corporeal beast) (Corporeal platebody and corporeal platelegs) 5. Third-age melee - Level 65 (Defense) (Clue scrolls and Task scroll Hard) (Third-age full helmet, Third-age platebody and Third-age platelegs) 6. Bandos - Level 65 (Defence) (General Gaardor, mystery box, Giant Orc, Grand gold chest (Dravonic teleport)) (Bandos chestplate and Bandos tassets) 7. Dharok's - Level 70 (It is purchased from the shops at home) (Dharok's helm, Dharok's platebody and Dharok's platelegs) 8. Guthan's - Level 70 (It is purchased from the shops at home) (Ghutan's helm, Ghutan's platebody and Ghutan's chainskirt) 9. Torag's - Level 70 (It is purchased from the shops at home) (Torag's helm, Torag's platebody and Torag's platelegs) 10. Verac's - Level 70 (It is purchased from the shops at home) (Verac's helm, Verac's brassard and Verac's plateskirt) 11. Slayer Master - Level 70 (Defence and 99 Slayer) (Can purchase set from slayer guide, requires level 99 Slayer) (Slayer Master's helm, Slayer Master's platebody and Slayer Master's platelegs) 12. Infernal guard - Level 70 Defence (TitanForge, Fire Dragon, Infernal mystery box and Burning chest) (Infernal guard helmet, Infernal guard platebody and Infernal guard platelegs) 13. Dinh's/Dinh's (g) - Level 75 Defence (Task scroll elite/hard, Monster mystery box (t2) and (t3)) (Dinh's/(g) helmet, Dinh's/(g) platebody and Dinh's/(g) platelegs) 14. Exorian - Level 75 Defence (Exorian champion) (Exorian full helm, Exorain platebody and Exorian platelegs) 15. Vesta - Level 78 (Defence) (Revenants) (Vesta's chainbody and Vesta's plateskirt) 16. Torva - Level 80 (Defence, Strength and Constitution) (Nex, Task scroll easy, Super mystery box, Mystery box, Jad, Bounty shop) (Torva full helm, Torva platebody and Torva platelegs) 17. Abyssal - Level 80 Defence (Abyssal horror) (Abyssal full helm, Abyssal platebody and Abyssal platelegs) 18. Demon - Level 80 Defence, Strength and Constitution (Bounty shop) (Demon chainbody and Demon tassets) 19. Torva (Elite) - Level 85 (Defence and Constitution) (Enchanted chest, Task scroll medium, Mystery box) (Torva (Elite) full helm, Torva (Elite) platebody and Torva (Elite) platelegs) 20. Dravonic - Level 85 (Defence) (Dravonic demon, Dravonic mystery box, Grand gold chest (Dravonic teleport)) (Dravonic full helm, Dravonic platebody and Dravonic platelegs) 21. Zombie king - Level 90 (Defence) (Zstorm shop) (Zombie king helm, Zombie king platebody and Zombie king platelegs) 22. Dark lord - Level 90 Defence and Constitution (Tormented the warmonger) (Dark lord full helm, Dark lord chainbody and Dark lord platelegs) 23. Titanite - Level 94 Defence (TitanForge) (Titanite helmet, Titanite chestplate and Titanite platelegs) 24. Sky-dweller - Level 95 Defence (Raids) (Sky-dweller full helm, Sky-dweller platebody and Sky-dweller platelegs) If something is missing, just say. I hope it helps.