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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Exorians, It's time to show off our custom raids system. Talk to Ozan at home, to learn about more about Raids. + Raids System - Raids Manager You can create a party, SOLO, DUO or SQUAD. You also are able to list yourself to the Queue List. - Party Manager You are able to invite players, start the raid, ready up and leave the party. Note: Only party leaders are able to invite players, and end the party. - Queue List When a player queue's up, they allow theirselfs to be invited by party leaders. Note: Only party leaders are able to invite players to their party. Nor can players without a party view the Queue List. + In Raids Once your team is teleported in the Raids, your team will have to fight 3 bosses in order to kill the Lietrye (Last boss). - Skeletal Strykewyrm Skeletal Strykewyrm will have a special attack at a 25% chance. The floor shakes and will spawn spikes under the players. At 50% HP the Skeletal Strykewyrm will spawn skeletons. While the skeletons are active, you are not able to hit the Skeletal Strykewyrm. Doing so will heal the Strykewyrm of whatever your damage is. - General Rotgut General Rotgut hits everyone in his area, every 25% of his hitpoints. He also will leech souls, and drain your prayer points. General Rotgut has a 10% chance of leaving, spreading poison around the area. When returned he will spread even more poison around him, that deals more damage. - Shadow Drake The Shadow Drake has a 20% chance every attack, to do a heavy breath attack. It will fly from above and come back down, attacking everyone in its area. When you get hit with the breath damage, a goop will be spawned under you, if you stay on it you will be hit every second, until you leave. The mass breath stage has a 5% chance every attack. The mass breath will spawn projectiles on the floor, depending on which projectile you are under on, you get hit with either, range, mage, poison or critical damage. - Lietrye Lietrye has 3 regular attacks, curse damage, 2 mage attacks. When doing a mage attack, Lietrye has a 20% chance of doing a special attack, freezing everyone in the area. At half HP Lietrye will spawn her sister. Her sister has the same attacks, but deal more damage. In order to continue killing the original Lietrye, you have to kill the Sister. The sister will spawn a mini version of herself at 20% HP. The mini version is not as strong as the others. You will have to kill the mini version in order to continue killing the Sister. - End Raids After completing the raid, a chest and a portal will spawn. To grab your rewards, you will have to loot it from the chest. Note: The rewards you are seeing are placeholder rewards. Rewards: Best in-slot equipment, general goodies. We hope you guys like the raids we've been working on. We've got the system in place, and will create a more complex raids in the future.
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