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  1. Hey guys! Decided to grind out 120 slayer on King Mode before I jumped into skilling, figured it would give me supplies to use for max. These pictures are my current loot tab as it stands and will continue to go for 200m once I max out the rest of the skills. It isn't the best loot, but the stacks of rune/dragon look pretty cool imo. The second to last photo is my enchanted key tab. The main reason why I don't have a lot of keys in the slayer tab is because those are only from the last 10m xp. I was trying to get all the loot from enchanted chest, but failed to get ahrim's robe top... Going to be keeping keys in tab from 104m to 200m slay/boss camping, can't wait to see the stacks! The final picture is of my boss/high level slayer tab (it's a mess right now). I will be working on that tab here and there. Going for pets and all the rare drops that go along with the boss.
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