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  1. In-game Name / Discord Name: Breakfast Age: 25 Country & Timezone: Australia - AEST Time Played: 24D Do you have any past experience?: Yes on a few old servers Why do you want to be a part of the team?: I appreciate the server and the community, because of my time zone I'm also available in some peak times where other staff cant be available. In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: I get along with 99% of people, I am friends with most people on the server and I think Breakfast is a familiar name. I'm not concerned about the title, I'm not one to power trip or look down on other people, I'll do my best to empathize and understand every situation. I like to chat and have fun with other people. I am very active in chat and I have a sufficient knowledge of the game. I am familiar with all of the staff already and we have good relationships (I think) and I understand the rules. In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team? I like to think I'm not intimidating or hard to approach, I want to help, I want to be asked questions and I want to see the server thrive and do the very best it can. I think being a stronger part of the community will prove to be beneficial to the server.
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