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  1. Hopefully the feedback helped! I think the recent skilling task update has gone a long way to make skilling profitable again. Just don't see many people buying supplies just yet.
  2. I feel lower ranked donators could use a few more benefits. Right now everyone has one bank preset to start and we don't get additional presets even being a super donator. I feel like we should all have maybe 2 presets to start and 1 additional preset for each donor rank. Additional farming patches would also be nice. One new herb and tree patch could be added to the regular donator zone. This would help speed up some of the farming achievements.
  3. It would be nice if this could be used as a regular harpoon for fishing swordfish/sharks etc in addition to the squids. Frees up an inventory slot for those who are luck to get one.
  4. Filtering the Game chat log does not filter out these messages. Changing this setting also does not persist after logging out and back in. Cooking/burning fish Catching fish Burning logs Cleaning herbs Fletching bows Smelting bars Cutting gems Burying bones (using on altar is filtered)
  5. Carini

    Farming Bug

    I couldn't find a bug report section so hopefully this is allowed here. The Tool Leprechaun at the Falador farming tele (not tree tele) does not note items like all the other Leprechauns.
  6. Hi, i've been loving the server so far but there are two things that have bugged me about banks. I'd like to suggest a few changes. Add placeholders - Makes organizing your bank much easier Shift-modifiers - Its always nice when you can shift-click an item in your inventory/bank and it deposits/withdraws all of that item. Saves quite a lot of clicking
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