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  1. Oh wow, mustn't have helped much cause I didn't notice you. I know how the ranks work and i'm implying that he'll soon hit mod 🙂 Thank you for clarifying though. Again, good luck Orange.
  2. +1 from me, I also see him helping. Also it would be good to have a mod during the night time in the UK (which is daytime Australia) as nobody is there to help during the night. Good luck buddy.
  3. I don't agree with this. An addition to what Victor said, some items are worth less in gen store but actually have a value of like 4b (DM BOW) for example. When you go into wilderness, other items are worth more and can make you drop dm bow over (idk dragon claws worth 20m) in order to stop people abusing yahno? Appreciate the post tho bro ❤️
  4. Really don't want this guy as a mod 😕
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