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  1. This feedback will be very helpful later on
  2. This Guide will serve the purpose of helping those new to the game and all it has to offer. Read through this whole guide and you will be on your way to riches in no time! The Basics I'm sure you know by now all the basics from the tutorial you've gone through (hopefully), This is your gear starting out in the game. The beginner gear has a timer of (6-7 hours) after which it will automatically be degraded to rust. The Baron and King mode have 1 hour extra before it degrades to rust. The beginner sword has 2500 charges before it degrades. You get a scroll of charges that can give 250 charges. Train your combat skills on rock crabs that are located under dungeons Rock Crab Remember, to make the armor useful as it degrades by 6-7 hours. The Game timer doesnt go off if you log out so make sure bank the stuff. Teleports & Locations There's different teleports to certain areas. These include the following: General (Regular safe zone areas) Dungeons (Player versus Monsters) PVP Zones (Player versus Player) WARNING: YOU WILL LOSE GEAR IF YOU TELEPORT INTO THE WILDERNESS Skilling (Training Skills) Mini Games (Safe way to PvP with players or Just have some arcade fun) Bosses (Strongest of the strong. You will die a lot if you're undergeared) Home Sweet Home This is the main area you'll be in most of the game There are shops that hold gear, weapons, ammo, potions, accessories, and a general trade shop where you can drop off junk for coins. Outside the shops we have a healer. This heals you of all poison, prayer, and stats. The market place has items players are selling for a price they choose. Banks are located right next to the market place. The Exo Shop is on the right of the Credits shop as well. You will also find we have loyalty shops, achievement shops, and vote shops We also provide you with some fun lucky chests called "Enchanted Chest." Kill monsters to gain keys to open them. Healers & Shops Skill Zone Exo Shop, Marketplace, Bank, & Credits Shop Achievements & Voting We have a nice and easy way of you gaining items as well Every 12 hours you can vote for vote books. To do this type in game ::vote Go through all 7 vote sites and the human verification. Once you vote on all the sites just type this command ingame ::claimvotes You are rewarded with voting books. These can used to buy items off the vote shop or sell to players for coins. The achievement shop is located right next to the vote shop. When you complete achievements, you get exo points. You will know when an achievement is completed when a prompt pops up on your ingame notice. You can buy a row (ring of wealth) which gives extra drop rate buff. You can enchant your ring of wealth by buying an scroll of wealth. This turns your ring of wealth into a e row (enchanted ring of wealth) Prestige/Titles/Pvp/PvM Instance/Risking/ & Appearance These come in handy let me tell give you a glance. Prestige is who you talk to when you have ALL your combat skills are maxed to 99. You will then gain small bonus perks on your stats. Titles is for those who want to stand out. You can set your title yell tag, name, and color.(master donor+) PvM Instance means you can pay a certain amount of coins to fight a monster continuously without interruption from other players (Like a private reservation) Risk is going to the Arena (You will lose items if you die) You can change appearance by talking to the makeover wizard. Slayer Camp & Tasks Here you can talk to slayer masters and request slayer tasks You can get a slayer task by talking to the spiria the beginner master. Each slayer master requires a certain slayer level to accept tasks from them. The higher the slayer master level, the more work you'll be putting into it, You gain task points for each task you complete depending on the slayer level you chose (Extra points if you finish before the timer runs out prompted on your screen) Monster parts will drop on the ground from monsters you slay, (Make sure to pick them up so you can turn them into slayer mystery boxes at the crafting table nearby) The higher streak you are the more points you get. You can skip a task if you want, but it will cost you 3 task points and lose the streak. The task points you accumulate can be used to purchase and learn things. You can refer to ::topic 1052 & ::topic 22 in game for more information. The Titan Forge The Titan Forge is for those who want to upgrade their items The forge is only used to upgrade certain items on the list. Each item has a success rate % That percentage let's you know how likely you are to succeed. If you fail, all the items you accumulated & used in the forge will be gone. You can enhance your chances by getting forge gloves from the vote shop. The Sea, She Calls For Me If you're a fan of exploring the water, well you're in luck There is a small swimming hole you can jump into for underwater exploration. You can find the location next to a pirate named "Pirate Pete" East of Shops. He has items you will need to travel underwater so you won't take damage and die instantly. You will need a Fish Bowl, oxygen tank, spear,lance or lance & purifcation tablets to cure poisoned oxygen tank. You will start out with 100% oxygen. But be careful, as the oxygen runs out you start to take damage (Especially when you are poisoned) Note: If you go ::home when you're about to die, your oxygen will not refill. You will have to use capsules for filling the oxgyen tank. You will notice there are empty oxygen capsules. These can be filled with small amounts of oxygen. To fill this, you will need 25 pieces of coral you can mine from underwater. Careful, there are strong creatures down below. A world boss spawns there as well. Events & Timetables Special world bosses and events happen every so often You can check the times of these events by going to the blue icon shown in the picture below. You should now be on a screen that shows hours, minutes, and seconds before the world boss appears. The timetables also shows you what events are going on right now This could be double xp, monster drops, and even drop rate bonuses. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in /help chat or contact a staff moderator (Not Admins, They are busy making the game an even better experience for you). when you have an emergency that a staff member can't fix, they will contact the higher positions to come assist with the situation. We hope you enjoy your time and experience here at Exora. Good luck adventurer!
  3. A lot of controversy on how specific players have been getting rare drops more often than others has come to our attention - This guide will help serve you understanding the drop rate ratio and bonuses you can get from what is listed is below We will start with the basics: Choosing your game mode Each game mode has a benefit and perk to it, these modes have a drop rate bonus in order. Sir Mode - 1% drop rate bonus Lord Mode - 2% drop rate bonus Baron Mode - 3.5% drop rate bonus King Mode - 6% drop rate bonus To further increase your drop rate bonuses, you can purchase items from the credits shop or from drops in the open world of Exora. In the credits shop, you can find two categories that have drop rate bonuses - Shoulder pets & Heirlooms Shoulder pets are a great add on item for that extra drop rate boost, and even more stat boosts than just drop rate. The same goes for heirlooms, they can either be purchased from the credits shop or from the exo shop Heirlooms can be upgraded all the way to a max enhancement level of five The max drop rate bonus from a level five collector heirloom is 2% drop rate bonus We also have a third option for players that want that extra drop rate boost compared to free to play players. You can read more about these benefits by clicking the store option and clicking on " Donator Benefits." There are certain cases though where a drop rate bonus can also be applied by a PvM drop from bosses. Only Bosses drop pets that will give a drop rate bonus of .25% Any boss pet with an f* in their name is a cosmetic only, so this will not give you a drop rate bonus. Armor sets and weapons also provide a drop rate bonus The following armor sets give drop rate bonuses, but the full set is needed to get the bonuses Dravonic - Melee armor set .25% drop rate bonus Solari - Ranged armor set .5% drop rate bonus Dark Lord - Melee armor set .5% drop rate bonus Titanite - Melee armor set .6% drop rate bonus Neon - Mage armor set .5% drop rate bonus Sky Dweller - Melee armor set 1% drop rate bonus Earth Dweller - Ranged armor set 1% drop rate bonus Sea Dweller - Mage armor set 1% drop rate bonus Each of these sets are end-game items, but very much worth grinding for. You can obtain the Solari set from the Boss Earthbreaker You can obtain the Dark Lord set from the Boss Warmonger You can obtain the Neon set from the Boss Bloodchiller You can obtain the Dravonic set from Dravonic Demon As for the the Dweller sets, these are only obtainable from the Lietrye Raid Note: The only weapon thus far to have a drop rate bonus, is True Crystallic Weaponry (.01%) drop rate bonus Adventure Logs Adventure logs are the bread and butter for gaining bonuses in Exora with ease and hours of entertainment. The following books in the adventure log will help boost your drop rate bonus. (These are permanent boosts) Skilly's Book I - .10% drop rate bonus Wildyer's Book I - .05 drop rate bonus in the wilderness only Pirates Book I - .10% drop rate bonus in the water only The achievement shop holds a good assortment of items with drop rate bonuses as well One exception to the cosmetic f* is shoulder pets. Some shoulder pets have drop rate bonuses They can be found in the achievement shop or vote shop Book's also have drop rate - It is titled "Book of Wealth" Grand Drop Potions also provide a drop rate bonus of .10% For you hard core skillers Completionist Cape has a 1% drop rate bonus Trimmed Completionist Cape also has a 1% drop rate bonus Last but not least, BE HERE ON A SATURDAY & SUNDAY FOR THE DROP RATE BONUS WEEKEND!!!
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