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  1. Thank you very much guys ;3 And will do ♥
  2. *What is your In-game name? May, and Serenity *What time-zone are you in? Eastern Time Zone *What is your discord tag? MsRayna#1582 *Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? For Runescape servers, no. But I have held positions, on other games such as Shaiya Private Servers, Minecraft Servers, along with others. *Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? No *Do you like the current staff team? For those of whom I've had contact with, yes. *Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? No, as I've not met many of them. *Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I believe I have a lot of active playtime, and I try to help whilst I'm able to, to people in help chat/yell, when I actually know the information haha. This is technically my 5th day (as of this post) so I'm super new. Only wanting to extend a helping hand, if needed. 🙂 *Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? Help players, when necessary such as answering questions, handling reports to the best of my ability, or sending it up the chain of command, to someone that is capable of handling the issue. I would try to keep the chat fresh, without super toxic people, and put forth my best effort. *Tell us more about yourself? I am 25 (26 in January) - I like to make things fun in chat, and help where I can. I may not have a massive amount of knowledge for Runescape, in general. But I would like to think I'm adapting to the server nicely. I like to help with suggestions, and play a proper part in this server's community. ;3 *A picture of your playtime? Admittedly, about 9-10 hours of that is online AFK (so far).
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