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  1. Fantastic update! Keep up the amazing work
  2. Amazing guide mate keep of the fantastic work!
  3. i'm lost for words this is amazing!
  4. Would like to see you help out more
  5. Zaraxed


    Just letting you know it doesn’t work like that, Lime/Orange will need to go through the ranks Assistant, Sever Support then Mod. Also, I’m on during thoughts hours so there is plenty of help
  6. Zaraxed


    +1 from me, I do see lime/orange helping out when he can.
  7. Zaraxed

    I'm new

    Welcome mate! feel free to pm me in game or on discord if you need and help with anything.
  8. Best of luck mate! +1 from me 😄
  9. Awesome work everyone keep up the amazing job!
  10. Zaraxed


    Hello, 😄 Welcome to exora! Please enjoy your stay on this amazing server feel free to add me in game if you ever need help with anything. IGN: Zaraxed
  11. Hey mate you'll need to use pray renewals still for it not to drian extreme fast
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