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  1. - When Player gets 99 in stat and it displays to the whole server I would like to see in parenthesis the XP rate. This will help clear up whats an actual achievement and whats not. For Example. I Vex I Has Just Reached 99 Prayer (Baron). - 10$ donation incentive, Teleport To Slayer Task. - Change AFK check from random integer to a set time doing one specific action. If you'd like to keep it random to avoid bots abusing the timer, set it to random after 5 mins from your last AFK check. There has been two times now where I got an AFK check within a minute or less from each other. - Limit ;;yell usage to avoid unnecessary use of the ;;yell command. To me I feel ;;yell should be used to get something across to the server, not hold casual conversation or arguments. That's what normal chat and CC is for. - Wilderness Events for Good Loot. To encourage high risk high reward pvming as well as content for pvpers. This could be boss spawns announced to players, or even rare Wildy encounters at random. - Teleblock bug where TB doesnt always stop the player from tping fix please. - Wilderness skilling alternatives for Increased yield/xp or even convenience. For example the task scroll asking you to fish a certain amount of Raw bass. If you want to get raw bass without the cod, mackerel, seaweed, or oyster you can fish at the wild location for just bass. If you die in wilderness while with the task scroll which is needed, You not only lose the scroll but the player that killed you gets the scroll and keeps your progress. - Decrease the run usage slightly, I dont mind having run energy on servers, I also don't mind having unlimited run on servers. Finding a healthy middle ground I would really enjoy personally. That's all for my suggestions at the moment. Will probably give more when I get more experience on this server 😀