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  1. HYPE!! amazing update man, community is loving the updates. keep them coming ❤️
  2. 75 pushups in 1 min should be easy to do. try doing 1,000 in an hour. that hurts. 😂 but can’t wait to see the progress man! keep it up
  3. had the exact same thoughts my man, can’t wait to see them drops 😉
  4. +1 for this man. i love PVP for than anything. i hate pvm with a passion/skulking but this server just hyped it up now i love it. fixing PVP? would make this server a 10/10 in my mind. this server already avg’s 200-300 a day since release. but adding/fixing pvp? would be amazing..
  5. amazing bennie, just amazing! keep up the hard work, and progress.
  6. can’t wait to see the progress, and i can’t wait to see them all green! keep it up
  7. loving the videos bro, keep up the progress!
  8. there is the row which increases dr by .25 then row (e) for .50 then color coded - GOLD - F* pets have increased DR% as well and last but no least, the Col Lv. 1 increases DR by 1% edit; so for items that boost DR i don’t feel that we need anymore, would make other items useless. +1 for DR percentage! check out Dezoro’s post though at ;;topic 103
  9. i’m all for when announcing a 99 the players game mode! and +1 for the incentive for wildly random bosses as in other servers do, to make the wild a little more active. yes we have one already, “the giant orc” but no one goes to it besides me i’m afraid. for ;;yell i don’t see any issue with tbf for the run energy dilemma, there’s f* shoulder lets in game that are color coded - ORANGE - the replenish your run energy same with the snail f*, golem f*, and hellcat f*
  10. totally agree with this.. 10/10 would love the PVP reworked. all the server is atm - PVM which is nice and all, but everyone loves some PVP action. 10/10 rework pvp, will benefit the server in the future the damage reworked, weapons, the ticks, veng timer, etc. everything needs revamped
  11. this is amazing man, for the people the understand it at least, haha. my brain doesn’t understand it though, sadly. but this is impressive man.. 10/10
  12. ign; Quinn Xcii gl plankers. -- able to use steads? goliaths? upgraded demonics? archlight def?