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  1. Update well worth the wait! great job!
  2. Some very solid promotions huge grats to @Aaron well deserved! sad to see so many resignations though 😞
  3. I disagree, the whole reason behind king is to grind. If you don't want to then choose one of the other 3 modes. The benefits of prestiging stack with king already, such as the prayer. I don't see the point in making the mode that is made to be hard any easier, when you could in fact just choose one of the other modes.
  4. Fuk

    Skilling for Cash

    I would like to see skilling be profitable but not overpowered if the gp/hr matched something like the gp bonus from slayer tasks atleast, since currently only materials give profit and then the consumable skills would be a pain like bars for example sell for a decent bit however you would get little to no smithing xp which is lame.
  5. Fuk

    deathkil :)

    Seen you around quite a bit never the less hello 🙂
  6. Welcome to Exora, if you run into any questions feel free to pm me ingame!
  7. Fuk

    Zaraxed's Intro

    Hello, welcome to Exora! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Very good clarification for many people who get confused by how drop rate works good job!
  9. Fuk

    Drop Catcher Qol

    Instead of having to manually enter every drop you want the dc to pick up I think it would be amazing if you could right click it and use it on a monster, in doing this it would bring up the examine menu and you could then toggle with a single click which items you want it to collect and leave.
  10. You are a different species of man lol good luck on your grind homie!
  11. In-game name? Fuk Discord tag? Fuk#7079 Screenshot of your game rank?
  12. What is your In-game name? Fuk / Fuk Alt What time-zone are you in? PST(GMT -8) What is your discord tag? Fuk#7079 Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? I have held staff positions for well over 2 years. These Positions have ranged from Server Support to Administrator and also included Forums only ranks. I am choosing to not list the server names on here as some of them are still open but will inform any staff member on all of these positions if they wish to look further into my application. Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? No, I have never been punished on Exora in any way shape or form. Do you like the current staff team? Yes, I get along quite well with everyone on the staff team that I have came into contact with, I haven't met one or two of them due to time zones but I have no doubt we'll get along as well. If a member of the management team tells me its fine to put them in here regardless of being open or not I will do so that way anyone who reads this can give their input if they have played a server whilst I have been a member of said staff team. Do you have any problems with the current staff team? In regards to any specific staff member No, I do think there are some time zones that could use some more staff coverage but that is what I am here for. Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I think I would be a good choice to join the Exora staff team as I am experienced in being a staff member, I know how to handle the duties and responsibilities of being a Server Support along with the roles that follow, With this experience I have learned how to handle tricky situations and troubleshoot just about anything you can come in contact with. I know how what is expected and required as a staff member and always aim to go above and beyond in this. Along with this I happen to play quite a bit in the time zone which I feel is slightly lacking as I mentioned above. Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? To put it simple as a member of the Exora staff team I will do anything in my power to help the community to the very best of my abilities. I will go out of my way to help new guys with even the simplest of inquiries or the most experienced player with some very difficult situations. I will do whatever it takes to make anyone playing experience the best it can be. Tell us more about yourself? My name is Jacob I am 23 and in my free time ( which is a lot ) I like to play RSPS, I am married to my outstanding wife and we have 2 sons 7 and 3 years old. A picture of your playtime?
  13. In-game name? Fuk Discord tag? Fuk#7079 Screenshot of your game rank? https://gyazo.com/ac4f75e7750277e42314999462d4dc60