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  1. I've seen multiple people asking for slayer task locations and how to get there, so I made this 'guide'. There are a 2 methods to find out the location of your current task: 1. Click on your slayer gem and choose the last option. a. If you lost your slayer gem, you can buy one at the tool shop(::shops) or iron house shop(ctrl + g > general > iron house). 2. Talk to slayer guide north-east of the slayer camp, here you choose the last option again. You can get here by ctrl + g > skilling > slayer. Now, to get to the location that was shown when you used slayer gem/guide: 1. Ctrlg + g > make your selection(dungeon/bosses/etc) and teleport. 2. Quest tab > global teleports > make your selection(dungeon/bosses/etc) and teleport. Something that I would advise every player to get, is to purchase a SLAYER RING. Reason being: 1. It will teleport to your task. 2. It has unlimited charges. 3. Only 12 points, just spam some spria tasks, cmon. Hope this was helpful Let me know down below if i missed something. *ps: pm me ingame if you need help with something. 🙂
  2. In-game Name: Playerone Age: 27 Country & Timezone: GMT+1/CET Time Played: This launch: 2d, 13hrs Do you have any past experience?: Have been SS/Mod on many other servers including Bpk, if some of you remember Zerxius that was me :). Why do you want to be a part of the team?: I have pretty decent knowledge of the game and can help most starting and even veteran players with their journey (*just pm me ingame if you dont know something ^^). It's a good grind and fun while doing so. In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: Knowledge, being chill, patience and having fun playing the game. In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: It just speaks for itself when someone want's to apply for staff. Helping people, spreading knowledge, having fun while doing so, being polite, but me? All the above and I'm a walking library, what else do you need? Lmk what you think below! Zerxius/Playerone(#0476)
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