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  1. I've seen multiple people asking for slayer task locations and how to get there, so I made this 'guide'. There are a 2 methods to find out the location of your current task: 1. Click on your slayer gem and choose the last option. a. If you lost your slayer gem, you can buy one at the tool shop(::shops) or iron house shop(ctrl + g > general > iron house). 2. Talk to slayer guide north-east of the slayer camp, here you choose the last option again. You can get here by ctrl + g > skilling > slayer. Now, to get to the location that was shown when you used slayer gem/guide: 1. Ctrlg + g > make your selection(dungeon/bosses/etc) and teleport. 2. Quest tab > global teleports > make your selection(dungeon/bosses/etc) and teleport. Something that I would advise every player to get, is to purchase a SLAYER RING. Reason being: 1. It will teleport to your task and back to slayer camp if you finished your task. 2. It has unlimited charges. 3. Only 12 points, just spam some spria tasks, cmon. Hope this was helpful Let me know down below if i missed something. *ps: pm me ingame if you need help with something. 🙂
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