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  1. Here's a little sample of the kind of music I like, always open to new music so send me some :).
  2. Here's what I made after a few concepts. @ADAM Sorry if the colors are off or w.e, sending my good monitor in for repair right now. I can make revisions or make something different, let me know your thoughts. Download - Without the glow Download -
  3. For sure, anything in particular you want in the signature? Colors etc.
  4. Brosace

    Raids Guide

    Solid guide! Simple and straight to the point. Will be using this when I try out the raids.
  5. Thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Spencer, I'm 24 and from the good old state of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go). I am working on going back to school for Network Administration. I currently work in a restaurant and do graphic design freelancing on the side. I've been playing RSPS for around 10 years now, really loving the server so far. If anyone ever wants to chat in-game feel free to add me IGN: Brosace.
  6. Just thought I'd throw some of my recent work here and maybe do some requests for the community. The forums degrade image quality quite a bit, I apologize for that. Had to resize a couple of them and make them smaller. My full recent work design portfolio can be found here
  7. Awesome update! Almost at 100KC on the demons, unfortunately no drops yet.