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  1. Seemee

    Video Competition

    Shouldn't be an issue. When servers host these sort of events it's to get the best of the best to partake in it. You play on a legit account so it really shouldn't be that big of a deal
  2. Will add some of these to it. I mainly posted for guaranteed money. Mainly 100% or very close to drop rates
  3. These are price that are currently in AH or prices I've sold in the last 2 days. Just because someone wants to cut the market and dumb their bones for lower doesn't mean they are that price.
  4. Good work. A bunch of these changes where very much needed
  5. Does a lot on discord and ingame +1 from me.
  6. Goodluck man. I would just like to see you more active in Help chat that's my only feedback.
  7. Congratulations to all the new additions. Hopefully the ones who stepped down stills stay around in discord.
  8. Good luck! I gave you feedback on discord already so I wont do the same here.
  9. Before you made this post did you even read prestige rewards? King gets much higher bonuses than a sir does.. so no it's really worth it to prestige on a king
  10. My concern is I don't actually see you in help chat or yell or anywhere really. I'm not entirely sure if you still play, Until I myself see a step up in activity I can't support this application.
  11. Good luck! My only feedback is be more active in help chat. A big part of support on this server comes from help chat. Other than that I think you'd be a great fit.
  12. You are for sure. Most people who I see complain about it are easily 1k+ on like every npc they constantly kill without a drop haha