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  1. I can vouch for him, he's solid overall, and willing to help. just get the play time up and good in my eyes.
  2. ok so to make amulet of fury from scratch you need (amulet mould from misc shop+ chisel+ gold bar+ ball of wool from misc shop+ uncut onyx + 20 fire runes+ 20 earth runes+ 1 cosmic runes + 87 magic+ some cash in your inventory (10m))* You first use the chisel on uncut onyx to make onyx gym*Then you use onyx on furnace it will make only amulet (u)*Then you use ball of wool on spinning object at skilling area to make onyx amulet*last you enchant the onyx amulet to make
  3. Perhaps add the Armour name on-top of the pictures, so new players know the name of Armour? other than that solid guide +1 ❤️
  4. You're welcome :)
  5. This is sexy, mad props.
  6. nice guide walker, well done man Congrats on 10th again btw. 😛
  7. You're welcome mate 😄