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  1. Keep us posted on Discord my friend ❤️
  2. I can vouch for him, he's solid overall, and willing to help. just get the play time up and good in my eyes.
  3. ok so to make amulet of fury from scratch you need (amulet mould from misc shop+ chisel+ gold bar+ ball of wool from misc shop+ uncut onyx + 20 fire runes+ 20 earth runes+ 1 cosmic runes + 87 magic+ some cash in your inventory (10m))* You first use the chisel on uncut onyx to make onyx gym*Then you use onyx on furnace it will make only amulet (u)*Then you use ball of wool on spinning object at skilling area to make onyx amulet*last you enchant the onyx amulet to make
  4. Lookin like a badass tab!
  5. Aaron


    ❤️ make sure you share the ;;thread 832 in-game also, let get forums active too!
  6. Aaron


    Ideas Add more items to Loyalty \ Vote shop (3rd age, party hats,) Gives more reason to vote \ play the server. Loyalty shop 250 loyalty points = 1 mystery box? 500 = super box? Nerf \ fix balista special attack (basically one hits in wild everytime) (bug) nerf gothmog a bit make it easier to complete so people will actually go there Change vorogo boss timer (make it spawn faster) 1 minute 30 seconds? possibly introduce aggressive mobs (afking ability will bump money into eco and get it booming again) ( NOT BOSSES ) Promote someone to community manager, bring them up to speed on their job specifications. WE need one who is super active & willing to put the time in. Adam has a lot of in real life things to do currently, and we don't have anyone to spawn bankers, do server events ETC. Please consider these things man, I know you're a super busy dude and you have real life things, but this server is amazing my friend. You've got a gem here and it's sad seeing its potential going to waste.
  7. Perhaps add the Armour name on-top of the pictures, so new players know the name of Armour? other than that solid guide +1 ❤️
  8. Very, nice bro congrats. :)
  9. You're welcome :)