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  1. I thought it would be better tbh =/
  2. +1 Not currently on the Iron Man grind. But we naturally will all end up there after all end-game content achieved on mains.
  3. EXORA SUGGESTIONS (Only some of these suggestions are only from me, this is a list of compiled suggestions that I have seen from the community push for, but still hasn't been implemented into the game. ALL of these suggestions are suggestions that I feel are important and improve the customer/players experience. I left out many other great suggestions simply because I do not know if they have been worked or are iron-man based.) SKILLING Wilderness skilling location @;;banditcamp needs a lot of love. Add a Banker (needs to be located in a safe spot building) to make this an effective skilling location. Maybe make the banker Donator only accessible to push donations traffic. Ability for skills to give clue scrolls or Skilling task bottles bring more content to skillers Adding cooking gauntlets, goldsmith gauntlets to a shop to get extra experience when cooking or smithing gold bars. Be able to note cooked fish, smelted bars, mined ores etc. at each skilling spot, so people don't have to bank every time. (For F2P skilling zone Charge gp to note and remove banker) ;;Dzone have a banker located next to each skilling location ($100 Donator perk exclusive to encourage donations) Skilling based outfits to boost skilling exp in said skilling field. Create skilling tasks with a reward system to obtain skilling clothes. (Will help push people to skill and promote purchase of infernals.) COOKING Fix Cooking burn rates. (Cooking Gauntlets/Chefs hat.) HUNTER Add Implings to Hunter. SLAYER Boss tasks aren't properly tracked in the "player statistics > Task" Section Also when a boss is killed it gives you the remaining bosses left, but in black text. (same color that drop catcher loot spams chat with) Wilderness slayer tasks should give a small amount of Blood Money per kill Allow slayer helm to see kills left Upgraded slayer helm see kills left + teleport to slayer home. (or allow the player to be able to pickup another task through their helm) Slayer needs a Task streak bonus system. Make it so when you have ring of slaying your slayer tasks are aggro. (Charge ring of slaying with slayer points ex: 1 slayer pt Charge=25 kills or create a custom currency that is dropped during slayer tasks to charge it. Ex: 1 charge = 1 kill) Skip slayer tasks with Cash. FISHING Make fishing holes "examine" option say which fish can be caught from the hole. Make Heron catch 2x fish at all times. FARMING Add NPC that allows players to note herbs. Add a notification for when your herbs are done growing. Speed up the growing time for herbs. Make Tree farming a thing. King mode Farming is not realistic currently. Watering can should be an unlimited source of water. Super Compost should make it so herbs never become Diseased. (If herbs become diseased implement Plant Cure to game and make it announce to player that an herb has become Diseased.) NON-SKILL QoL Completely rework the PoS. Can't add noted items to PoS. Clicking "RECENT" tab only shows offers posted in alphabetical order not by whom actually posted most recently. When searching for an item, the cheapest item should be at the top of the view-able offers. Add noted items to shops or make a ;;dzone shop sell noted items to push customers to donate. Create more LOTTERY type events. Hourly, daily weekly some ideas. Make the weekly cost say 10M and the game taxes 20% out of it. 100 people donate 1B game removes 200M from that for 800M weekly. Hourly = 1M Daily = 5M Weekly= 10M Make Pay2Win items even more rare. This is an eco server and it's not being handled like it is. Drop rates for Dark matter should be 1:5000. Make Pets right click only. Should never be able to click on another person pet. Drop Catcher: When typing in an item name, have a drop down menu so you can click the item you wish to collect. Add a feature to be able to see floor drops like what RuneLite has. Raids scaled if you solo, duo or Squad. Make ;;raids teleport you to raids NPC Add the ability for players to see their boosted drop rate on the account. Bank placeholders (if possible). Costume overrides. Fashion-scape, but still max gear. Challenge scrolls reward with Exo points. Money sink idea: instead of having every weekend bonus xp and bonus dr. Make 2 separate “wells” one with like 1% bonus dr for an hour and one for 10% bonus xp for an hour and have each of them cost somewhere between 1-3b to activate which also stacks for a 5% xp boost weekend once a month. Instances should return your invested money if you leave early or die or DC from them. Instances should be reduced cost/free for X amount of kills per 12hrs/day Depending on donator rank. Paid instances should be aggro bosses (hence why X amount per 12hrs/day). Have an "anti-afk" random event to prevent over-night afking. (Example: AFK-Guard that you have to talk to to continue. Doesn't disrupt combat, but teleports you home if you don't reply after 60 seconds.). ADD a kills left counter for boss instances. (Currently no way to check how many more kills remain) Donator zones unique to certain donator tiers (currently skilling zone F2P access has more positive perks than ;;Dzone) EarthBreaker still 1 shots players. Make is so we can "TAB" reply to anyone. (Currently we have to add them to reply) Infernal/dragon skilling tools do NOT gather materials quicker than rune skilling tools. Make infernal tools 50% combust/burn rates. Make captains Harpoon work for all harpooning (fastest fishing method) Would encourage people to purchase from the store. Implement Bonds into the server. (That way players can purchase donator ranks and not flood game with p2w gears.) Have bonds open and also give a "bond currency" you can buy exclusive items/random boxes to get fun goodies. General Store and it's prices are extremely inconsistent and broken. Example: rune items shouldn't be the same or more than dragon items. Add rewards from loyalty points, people that donated have no purpose for points currently. (Possibly the purchase of "bonds" once implemented) Buff the prayer xp from ebon dragon bones. (250xp more then Frost dragons which have almost 4x less health.) For the achievement bone burier (bury 2000 ourg bones) allow the use of an altar or Bonecrusher. Before making character selection, the player needs to be warned about the soul split issue. (This is very discouraging for new players like myself when I found out about the issue down the road.) Add a shop in the the game where we can deal with all of our collected or unwanted clue rewards. (Exchange them for a currency which could be used in a custom "Clue shop") Make Enchanted Keys stack-able The "game (Filter)" tab needs to actually filter spam caused from Drop Catcher. Add a cosmetic (custom) helmet and cape which signatures each game mode / experience rate. Daily Mystery Boxes are dead content after playing the server for a few days. Needs a major re-work to be worth players time. Add custom aura's to the aura slot which have (unlimited) time to give certain boosts, maybe adding aura's (cosmetic) as a donator perk would be nice aswell.
  4. awesome! will be looking forward to the next logs
  5. I guess I’m just lucky as fuck. Cause these rates are way higher than what I get lmao
  6. Damn this just gave me some chub. Great job Bennie and crew! ❤️
  7. You read to do 32k net climbs for 99 😉
  8. IGN: Dartagnan I need to get laid. This will get me laid. Thanks.
  9. Orange pets give run boost (obtained from Challenge Scrolls)
  10. 100% smithing needs some more work. For king mode 99 smithing is quite tedious. Believe ;;zstorm wall repairs is fastest smithing in-game currently. Adding more high tier materials (addy/rune bars) to NPCs drop tables would help a lot. Crafting would be a lot better if shops sold noted gems. That way you can buy bulk craft @ home and sell to general store Can’t comment on the other two skills as I haven’t attempted training them yet!
  11. +1 to 99 being announced with appropriate game mode. wilderness does have a server wide boss that spawns and gives some of best gear in game. you can buy a slayer ring from slayer masters with slayer points to teleport to slayer tasks with infinite charges. you can get pets that restore your run to full by completing challenge scrolls I don’t see any issues with ;;yell command. Players that abuse it and spam too much are usually warned not to abuse yell. The bonus skilling exp in wilderness sounds good to me.