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  1. Thanks Aaron, helping me with those rc runs was a big help!
  2. Hello, after achieving max cape i have decided to go for comp cape aswell on king! My goal is to get it in about 8-12weeks of chill gameplay unless i see someone trying to compete with me on that one ;D also while im afking things gonna do some irl strength levels, and see if i can get 75pushups in 2mins when i comp out! -Peace
  3. Good luck on future goals, when i hearsd you ran 3k gnome laps i was shook ,,,👍
  4. Ign: strikerxd1 Rng gods give me spotify
  5. Hello everyone, had some time to browse the forums so might aswell say hi to all. I used to play wow and osrs before i got interested in the kinda chill gameplay of runescape private servers had to offer and now im here. Just going for a quick max during my winter break and then gonna play a bit less. I have seen many around ingame already and if you want to ask somethinf about the game feel free to pm.
  6. I agree on the smithing part, mining coal + addy or rune is real slow and the exp the bars give on king mode is pretty small compares to the amount of time it takes, tho smithing has been pretty slow skill generally.
  7. 1. I think the option to add what items you want picked up is useful, tho it would be convenient if it would always pickup boss loot. 2. Add the option to choose either to bank all loot or place in inventory
  8. I agree aswell, gettting the 250kills will take a considerable amount of time, and pking right now is mostly who can 1hit the other before getting 1hit themselvs 🙂
  9. Woox would be a great addition to the current and awesome staff steam 🙂
  10. Leave only herb seeds on master farmer because u can only do herbs here anyways.
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