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  1. In-game name? Corrupt Discord tag? Corrupt ll#0666 (Two L's) Screenshot of your game rank?
  2. As many people have been having issues with client side issues and are unaware of how to properly fix the issues once the fixes have been released, here is a guide on properly updating your client when a new fix is out! For Windows users follow the following steps. 1. Pull up your files to where it says "This PC" or "My PC" 2. Open your Windows driver, most commonly used as Windows (C:) or whatever other driver you may use primarily if you have multiple. 3. Select "Users" and select your computer user. Usually if you're the only user of the PC it will give two options, "Public" and then your user. 4. Delete the files called ".exora" and "Exora" 5. Once deleted, redownload the client using one of the downloads located here. If you use Mac, I currently am unsure of how to clear the cache and such but I will update it as soon as I reach someone who can fill me in on it!
  3. In-game Name is Corrupt. If I win, I will give it away as I already have Nitro and xbox live 🙂
  4. Glad to see reunions happening!
  5. Facts haha. Hope some of these suggestions get implemented for sure though!
  6. Ahh then I can somewhat understand that. Maybe a change could be instead of slayer points to enter, it could be GP to help with inflation.
  7. Facts, just gotta look, I see people always asking to whip or dh fight and all.
  8. I can definitely support the christmas side of things and and recoloring, colors are always fun. However, the slayer pvm spots are only bad at the moment because the server just released so everyone is rushing to level slayer and most people have the lower tiered tasks so gradually this issue will fix itself with tenure. The Dragons and Demons Den I can't find myself supporting as it's not really needed, dunno might just be me. And the cape, I can somewhat support, however if the goal is to have separate combat style oriented capes, that's what the demonic/angel/etc wings are for and it's rather more common in my opinion than the cape would be. I could support it if the cape is better than the wings though. So overall I could agree with quite a bit, just still rather iffy on the dragons and demons den and overall slayer idea.
  9. Yea some tasks ask you to kill 2 players or so.
  10. Welcome! And I'd be interested in seeing some of your designs if you ever feel like showing some off.
  11. Welcome! If you do need some guides head on over to the guides section of the forums!
  12. Welcome and good luck on obtaining that Exo Sword!