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  1. Sad, but understandable. Let's hope google is able to fix this asap.
  2. It feels like you spent 5 minutes writing this application :S
  3. Josh

    Sailing Guide

    Surprise? this is a guide, it's supposed to have all the information lmao
  4. Can we expect the server to release on time?
  5. Hey, I'm sure you'll enjoy the custom experience. Hope to see you in-game 🙂
  6. Josh

    First goals

    That's a good goal aswell. I might have to do some fishing/cooking before slayer, since I'm ironman
  7. Hey, thank you for your service and welcome to Exora!
  8. That's a really nice introduction. Hope to see you in-game 🙂
  9. Josh

    Pip "pippy"

    You're not as sexy as me, but welcome anyways 😛
  10. Josh

    Sailing Guide

    Nice guide. Would be better if you showed the sailing shop tho.
  11. Good luck on your goals mate! Can't wait to see some progress.
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