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  1. Hello Exorians! We'd like to invite everyone over to some super juicy events tonight! We will be hosting 4 Hide&Seek locations (some could be really tricky ;P) and a godmode multi pk event! The event will take place at 8PM CET (in 1hr)! The prizes are INSANE, worth joining! Hope to see you all there! ~ staff team SneakPeak of the Hide&Seek rewards! SneakPeak of the Godmode rewards!
  2. Hello Exorians! We'd like to host some events to start the year of 2020 like we're supposed to! we'd like to invite everyone to some Hide&Seek events, Godmode multi killing event and more! The event will take time 01/01/2020 at 9PM CET time! (in aprox 3hrs from now) Hopefully we see everyone participating in events, there will be some good prizes that you don't want to miss! Also we wish everyone a happy, healthy and loved new year! Staff team ~ xoxo
  3. Good looks fam, very good guide! tho!
  4. We're glad you're enjoying the server! Have fun! 😃