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  1. good update, but in my opinion wisdom books and ovl drop from fire dragons shouldnt have gotten nerfed or at least nerfed xp to 50% bonus but time is extended now to like 30mins and overloads are already scarce i seen ppl paying 2m to 3m per ovl and even then you still rarely see overloads in ah
  2. In game name/ Discord name- Forest, M I L O S#9138 Age- 27 Country & Timezone- USA/Central time Staff Experience- been mod 5 times on other servers and admin once, but its been 4yrs since last time I was staff on a rsps. Ingame time played- 71days and 12hrs and been playing exoria since Jan 2021 Why do i want to be a Staff member- So, I can further help the community with any problems or question they may have. Ingame Experience- I have trimmed complentionist cape and experience in all bossing/ raids and i have prestiged 7 times, so I will be able to help ppl in their quest to getting maxed, reg comp, trim comp, help out in all bossing/ raids, and in prestiging.
  3. Sounds like loads of fun! IGN forest
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