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  1. I would recommended that giants ( hill, fire, ice, Mossy) should be done in wilderness, its more afk and there Are plenty. Its mulitcombat and they Are agro Also they Can be turned into wilderness task for double xp and slayer points They Are found just above ruins, at the green patch next to obilisk And use vote books here for the extra extra slayer xp -jobbe👑
  2. Comes with a error that says its stuck at 92% and I have to restart the Client, but I have done this 20 times now Macbook, latest version of Java
  3. Exo legion Ingame name: Jobbe I am a 21 year old male, as far as I remember, i work full time making prok rind, not anything that benefits rsps playing Im from scandinavia, so english is not my native speaking I do make alot of guides and share My knowledge to everyone I Can basicly offer alot of hours and what beta tester would do, figur out everything Ill be talking the Journey of kings mode. 👑 I belive My time one is Cest +1 (copenhagen) Regards Jobbe👑
  4. Hello everyone Im King jobbe, and I Will be doing the King mode, Hope to make some guides for you All and have tons of fun Cya around Jobbe👑
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