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  1. Keep it up!, always nice to see the community getting involved with different events!
  2. If the eco was reset with us all being given our total donated back as credits, i wouldn't mind so much. But please be wary of ironmen. Gambling for only cash may be a good idea indeed, and the tax system seems great to me! The boss token aspect seems a great idea! instances dont get alot of use due to the high cash requirement, and this would greatly help us PVM'ers out. Skillers backpack - the update to it would be very cool, sounds great! maybe hold more than x50 of an item though e.g coal (we all know how much that sucks even with coal bag) maybe if the achievement points needed for it could be lowered too due to the current amount seems very high. KBS Kc requirement - Yes please do this, the boss is a great way for new players to start their bossing journey, the only thing id say is if the KBS is your current boss task and it takes you longer than the allotted time to complete the boss task would you get less bossing points? or stay the same? That content of the day seems fun!, Its sort of like the daily tasks but with a spin on it, id enjoy that! brings more of the community together. on that note though, maybe daily tasks could be changed, due to some of them require to make 'royal feast' and so on, which is something that no one would really strive for due to the amount of items needed for it, stats needed plus the bonuses from the royal feast arn't really worth the time and effort it would take. But thanks for this, nice to see you asking the community for their own opinions!, keep up the good work. - Wiz
  3. Congratulations Flafffy and Ragnos!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice write-up bud, i hope they take a look at this as it will help the server out, nice points made though! i hope they take note cheers - Wiz
  5. 😮 yessssss!!! im excited, on that note.... pm me if you're selling vote books 😉
  6. +1 for this, would make it alot better for us and new players. Plus noted herblore secondaries would be a great QOL. Thankyou for the post Kingcord. ❤️
  7. Just unlocked the bonus drops <3 thanks for update looks hella cool!