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  1. Well, my goals? Simple, but not as simple. My goals is to be one whit the community. But as for the game itself, my goal is to be a Maxed Skiller, whit great bank and a name everyone knows! Will fight for my goals, and will never, ever leave this server. Lets get this party Started ❤️
  2. Hey there fellow Exora Members! My internet name is Cicada101, no not 3301, 101. do i have anything to do whit 3301? no one knows. Been playing Runescape Private Servers for about 9 years, always loved the non toxic, not so grindy and boring/empty as original Rs. The joy of custom items have always been a fun thing to explore, and to hunt for those things rs dosent have. thats why i love this kind of servers. The joy of seeing what the game can be, and in my mind, should be! These Custom items make it so mutch more then just rs. it makes it Exora ❤️ Back to me. im x years old, live on earth, is 1,xx cm long, and my gender is ???. I have never went out on a forum or any other place about who i am or what i am, and it will stay like that. Dont see me as someone you wonder who it is, see me as the someone you know, ingame. See you there 😉 Be real, Be shady, Be True, But never Reveal who is you. Whit Love, Cicada101 00101100101101100101100110101100101100101100101001101001
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