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  1. R e v

    Clan chat system

    I support this. i loved the detailed introduction of it and the ideas and uniqueness.
  2. we already have Raids ATM, which gives best in slot items. Credit to Adam For this idea. ----------------------------------- *Making a Raids Group will cost between 20-50M Gold ingame. just to have a Decent Money sink, ----------------------------------- now for Raids 2 In the future, make The rare drops be Some type of shards, *the shards will be used on the previous Raid rares (scoria armour and weapons) to make the new and improved Raids 2 Weapons and Armour, that will in turn Add value to the raids 1 items whilst introducing a new best in slot gear. *Adding the shards to lets say "scoria legs" to make for example the new "Legion scoria Legs" will need 1 "RAIDS 2" shard (The Legion Shard) + 100M coins! making both the shard and legs tradeable. ------------------------------------ Might even Consider Adding a "Broken Raids Key" to the Raids Droptable, *The Broken Raids key will need 50m Coins to Repair *The Raids key will give you 1 roll on The Raids Drop table, with improved rates, *The Broken Raids key will still Be a Ultra Rare Drop, Since it will get access to Raids 2 Drop table aswell in the Near Future
  3. Amazingly detailed. great job vatsmo
  4. thanks starry, ill do my best, just doing the slowest and most annoying skills first, just to have them out the way , and by that you know mining is next xD
  5. ill be following this, gl
  6. Constant Huge updates and Quality of Life fixes everyday. great job bennie. amazing dedication
  7. Very resourceful Guide, should answer all questions needed for wildy information and slayer geeks 😛, Thank you for taking your time to do this.
  8. Questions will be Marked in RED Answers will be Marked In Green Tips will be marked in Orange Base Information will be marked in Purple Q: where to find my slayer monster: A: Your slayer task monster can be found by talking to the npc next to the slayer cave at slayer camp, Or buying a slayer ring for 25 slayer points that has infinity uses to teleport you to your current slayer task Q: what is the next best gear to grind for: A: you can get that answer just by clicking on the skill it is related to and scrolling through the Levels Tiers. Q: what do i do with elemental stars: A: elemental stars is a D & D, which means its a event that starts every hour on the hour, giving you star chunks which in turn you can use chisel on to make star dusts to upgrade your Heirlooms (heirlooms are bought with exo points) Q: where do i get (X) and by X i mean A certain item: A: try looking through every shop at home once you join Exora. that will help you choose your route of gameplay and even give you information on what items or supplies you can buy from shops. Q: what is the price of this or that: A: Exora is a brand new Eco server, meaning prices go for street prices and your negotiation skills, we even have a price checker and A Trading post (player owned shops) TIP: we even have a "HELP" cc where all your other ingame questions will be answered, *We also have a discord where you can Voice chat other members or Staff for ingame enjoyment or Information. *Making or joining a Clan will also be beneficial since its a Big server with Alot of content, having group members / friends will help in the long run. We also have a dedicated staff team and a Support team that is always down to help you. --------------- *Bennie (Owner and Founder) (Bug reports) - *LUMPLOM (Designer and content designer) - *Adam (community manager and Admin) (Donation questions) - * Cheezmo (senior moderator) ------------------- Support team as of now : *Vatsmo *R e V *Someone *Broski *Que *Aaron PM any of the listed names above, remember some questions can only be answered by the respective task holder. but all ingame questions can be answered by the Support team.
  9. yeah youtube and google is working just fine for me. its only discord.
  10. discord really picked the right time to start fucking up LOL
  11. R e v

    First goals

    get every single skill on the right row of the skilling tab to 99 before i go to sleep. got 4 redbulls, some food already cooked up, and some coffe. did all work papers so im free for the next 36 hours :)
  12. AYYY zottis, finland its right next to where i live "sweden" , great to have you (accepted)
  13. It feels like i know you in real life now. bro i love your story, and god bless you and your family. looking forward to talking to you ingame or on discord in the near future
  14. R e v

    Sailing Guide

    Thanks for this guide. it is so Detailed and makes sailing so much easier now! well done
  15. R e v

    Pip "pippy"

    HAHAHAH my man , i love how casual it sound, hey sexy pimp
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