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    Oh finally someone from France I can speak French to :O Bienvenue mon ami!
  2. ADAM

    Video Competition

    start whenever you can.
  3. ADAM

    One's Introduction

    Welcome Ay-ay-ron!
  4. ADAM

    Video Competition

    prefere it to be a video. Like you can stream and make a stream highlight video after.
  5. ADAM

    Video Competition

    Hello Exorians! Exora is going to host a video competition between players with a juicy rewards! If you find yourself good at making and editing videos, then go ahead and entertain us! And in return you shall be rewarded. Rules and requirements:- 1-Making an Exora video but shouldn't be less than 5 mins. 2-The video with the most likes/views will be announced winner. 3-The subject of the video can be anything from you choice (pvp/pvm/slayer/skilling/raids/guides/....). 4-Make sure to post the video @media section> YouTube on forums. 5-Winners will be announced by the end of January. Good luck to everyone!
  6. ADAM

    Sniz' Livestream

    Please do videos and streams!