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  1. <<<Suggestions 2>>> 1_to make place holder at bank. 2_you can Clear History for the Private Messages. 3_you can put Auto Chat with [minutes/seconds YOUR CHOICE] at Public Messages, just asks you what u want to type and it will types that auto with the allowed time. 4_to put "auction house" NEAR "fountain at home". 5_to put bugs report man if u press on it you go to forums bug reports page. 6_to put suggestions man if u press on it you go to forums suggestions page. 7_if you talk to vote Exchange there's option to go vote page. 8_to put some flowers at home near fountain and around the shops. 9_to change global teleports man at home and to put a letter E from stone or some other thing same as stone or something for teleports and if u right click on it : Exora Teleports. 10_to make some sword in the ground u can push it 1 time daily and there's chance [YOUR CHOICE] to get rare item from it. 11_to make BIG PAPER talks about the rules in-game. 12_to put some special potions when u drink from it you be zombie for limited time. 13_to make a fountain at "Events" if u press on it , it heals you and you said auto : I LOVE EXORA ! 14_to make afk location "ISLAND" when u go there u turn into GHOST and u can put more ideas there. 15_to put some max hit dummys to players can try the weapons. 16_ let the enchanted gem of slayer tells u where u can find ur slayer task [LOCATION] or let the gem tele you to the slayer task [ADD OPTION>TELE TO SLAYER TASK] 17_when you have to choose sandwich or chocolate while u thieving so if you success at this trivia you get randomly > Small pouch/medium pouch/ big pouch OR amount of cash 18_when you press on WORLD MAP you cant see the HOME you just see a sign "You Are Here" with gray location , but if u put it on 37% at zoom u will see other cities on the map that looks fine just u see the HOME gray at WORLD MAP , so hope change it and make it looks nice at WORLD MAP , and hope you put NAMES on the cities that u can see at WORLD MAP
  2. Madness


    <<< Suggestions >>> 1_you can save your accounts at lobby so u dont have to type it again if u want to login. 2_to put a lottery every 1 hour gives the lottery money to 1 winner 3_to make ICONS for KING MODE OR SIR OR BARON OR LORD > Bhind the name or above the head 4_to put like BIG PAPER > name is HIGHSCORES and if u press on it you will go to highscores SITE 5_to make the fountain at home >HEALS YOU< 6_to make WARNING AT GAMBLE > to record ur gambles or to becareful gamble will lead u to quit. 7_to put shop at >Cities< "Events" that u can get cosmetics to wear it and u cant wear it outside just u can wear this things at "Events" and even if u trade them they are untradeable,just while the server doing event it will be awesome to everyone wearring cosmetics and pretty things. 8_to make Fireworks at "Events" at corners it will looks awesome! 9_to put pouch u CAN put ur money in it but u CANT put money in it while u in wildy. 10_to make MINI-GAME for pvming GAME MINUTES[YOUR CHOICE] to kill monsters and who have the higher killcount wins ! and everyone starts with same gear and same weapon just this monsters always hits you 0 so u dont want food just the point who will kill more monsters . 11_to put puller you can pull it at "Events" and chest to put items in it , to get ballons if you pull the puller the ballons will rain to the ground and the items that was at chest it will be inside this ballons randomly and players can press on ballons and if they are lucky can find the items that was at chest [DROP PARTY]. 12_and if you type ::afk , you looks like you smoking ciggarate and wearring cup of coffee. 13_to make MINI-GAME ,everyone starts with nothing , and there's arena and blue team and red team , and it will be same as WWE it will be BOXING and will start [1 player from blue team vs 1 player from red team] till death, and the player who dies go to place that he can watch the game without joining again, and the team that wins gets some money or other reward [YOUR CHOICE] and maybe u add some good ideas to this MINI-GAME just i gave u the base. 14_at Xmas to let the weather snowing and put SANTA MAN with quests at "Events" with pretty good rewards. 15_to put more than 4 items at own store at auction house > make it u can put from 8-10 maximum slots , cuz 4 very low. 16_when u wear pickaxe the character put it on his shoulders it will looks nice 😛
  3. Hello Im Madness And Im Very Excited To Play Exora ❤️ Best Wishes For Game And For Staff Members And For Players , Enjoy Your PlayTime !
  4. i would join the beta too ❤️ im so excited !