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    Welcome Sniz ❤️
  2. Once you receive a slayer assigments, you can turn it into a wilderness slayer assigment by speaking to "Wildyer" at the Slayer Camp. Monsters defeated inside the wilderness will give the following: - Double slayer exp - Double task points - 0.5% drop rates Here is a list of all the slayer npc's locations. You can access these areas from the Global Teleport -> PvP zones. These zones are in the wilderness and possibly in a multi-zone so be careful Ruins north-east (level 28, multi) : - Dark beast - Gargoyle Ruins west (level 22) : - Abyssal demons - Black demons - Lesser demons Graves (level 21, multi) : - Zombie Wilderness Volcano (level 21, multi) : - Black dragons - Greater demons - Blue dragons - Frost dragons - Hellhounds - Ankous - Lesser demons - Iron dragons - Bronze dragons Revenant dungeon (multi) : - Greater demons - Green dragons - Hellhounds - Revenants West (level 10) : - Green dragons East (level 19) : - Green dragons Mage bank (multi) : - Giant bats Northwest of Lava Dragon Isle (level 27) : - Spiders - Giant spiders If I am missing certain monsters, please let me know and I will update the list. Goodluck!
  3. *What is your In-game name? Someone *What time-zone are you in? EST GMT-5 *What is your discord tag? Oryx#7539 *Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? Yes, I've been part of the staff team of multiple servers *Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? Not yet *Do you like the current staff team? I do, they seem very active and friendly towards the community, as well as open for any kind of feedbacks *Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? Not yet *Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I think I'd be a good choice mainly for my capacity to help others no matter what they need. I also have great knowledge of the server. *Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? First thing I will be doing is make sure every player has a great experience. If they decide to stick around that's good, but even if they just want to try out the server without the expectation to make it their primary server, I want to make sure they are enjoying their time with us. I will be treating every equally, and will never use my position to my advantage. I will make sure Exora is a chill and friendly server. *Tell us more about yourself? My name is Francis, I am 23 years old and I am from Quebec, Canada. I've been playing rs/rsps for over 12 years. I am working part time in an animal shelter and I am also part time student. My dream is to become a veterinarian, which could possibly happen in 3 years from now. I am very respectful, and always positive. *A picture of your playtime? Im playing between 3-6 hours a day during weekday and 12 hours a day on weekends.
  4. Beta feedbacks The beta has been out for a couple of days and I was wondering how you guys are liking it so far and I am sure the hard working staff team would also appreciate everyone's inputs. Obviously it's still in developpement and any suggestions can be posted here I'll start. I am really enjoying the server and I believe it will do very well. It has alot of unique content that i've never seen before which i can't wait to grind. Skilling wise, it seems very well coded, and the game modes will really please those who seeks a challenge aswell as those who just want to achieve the completionist cape and be done with skilling. PvM wise, there seems to be a lack of low tier customs to easily grind for. Considering the server is advertised as a custom server, I dont think many players will stick around if they're not getting the "custom feeling" early on. Most customs seems to be locked behind high-tier monsters that are quite hard to kill with a whip. Those armors and weapons looks amazing though. Can't wait to get my hands on those. I am very impressed by the staff team and their capacity of pushing quick bug fixes/updates. Keep em coming! These are my first impression of the server.
  5. Good stuff, keep em coming!
  6. Your username: Someone Title of your suggestion: Few suggestion Explain your suggestion: Agility: 1. Agility tickets: - I suggest adding agility tickets, which players get after completing laps. Completing higher level courses gives more tickets. - Add a shop at the agility courses to spend those tickets. It could have the following; - Agility xp/lamps - Agility outfit that gives bonus agility xp and weight reduction (Either the pre-eoc two pieces outfit or graceful) - Boots of lightness, weight reduction 2. Gnome agility course: - Add the advanced agility course (level 85) - Add the agility ticket shop to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard 3. Barbarian agility course: - Add barbarian outpost agility course (level 35 & 90) - Add the agility ticket shop there too 4. Wilderness agility course: - Add the wilderness agility course (level 50) 5. Brawling gloves: - Add brawling gloves that gives bonus exp when training agility in the wilderness Mining: 1. Shooting stars - I suggest adding shooting stars every hour, granting mining experience and stardust - Add a stardust shop, selling the following; - Mining gear that gives bonus mining xp - Infernal axe (act as a dragon pickaxe & hatchet, and has a chance of giving firemaking and smithing xp) Woodcutting: 1. Evil trees - I suggest adding evil trees every hour, granting woodcutting experience and kindling - Add a kindling shop, selling the following; - Lumberjack outfit that gives bonus woodcutting xp - Infernal axe PvM: 1. Exo points - I suggest adding a point system. You could earn those points by PvMing AND skilling. Obviously, the amount of points you get scales depending of the source. You can spend these points in a shop for custom gear. 2. Seeds drop - I noticed that many monsters drop noted herbs. But not many drops a fair amount of seeds. Since ironman doesn't have access to the shop, they'll need a great source for seeds. 3. Revenant cave - I might be wrong but is there no revenant cave? They are on the drop table and I can't seem to find them Prestige: 1. At the moment, the minimum requirements to prestige is Baron game mode, and the benefits are not worth it. 0.10% bonus is not a noticeable difference. I suggest a few tweaks; - Make every game mode able to prestige, but have the bonus scales depending on your game mode. - Prestiging on sir gives 0.10% bonus to their stats - Prestiging on lord gives 0.25% bonus to their stats - Prestiging on baron gives 0.75% bonus to their stats - Prestiging on king gives 2% bonus to their stats Ironman: 1. Add the ability to remove your ironman status by talking to the ironman guide 2. Move/add the ironman guide at home
  7. Nvm for the ava, aquanites drops them
  8. Your username: Someone Title of your suggestion: Few suggestion Explain your suggestion: - Add ava's to the ironman shop - Add more agility courses - Slayer rework (alot of low level task such as chickens even at 90+ slayer) - Shorter slayer task, with the option to buy extended tasks with points - More options to spend slayer points on - More slayer points per tasks - Add rewards from ekeys/monster caskets/etc in the drop tables
  9. Your username: Someone Date of report: 11/23/2019 Bug severity: 7 Describe the bug / issue: Ironmen are able to purchase items that were previously sold to the shopkeeper by other players.
  10. Hello everyone, im someone, looking forward to meeting y'all in game. Server is looking pretty good
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