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    Hello Exorians, We haven't had much time to do content updates, so we made something cool for you guys! Other than that, there's also a few changes and bug fixes. I would like to take the time to thank you all for sticking with Exora, through some slight issues. We've peaked at 380 players, which for a 667 is incredible! Now, here's the log 🙂 + Dravonic + Dravonic Demons (Global teleports > Dravonic Cave) A new type of demon has arrived on Exora. You require a slayer level of 90 to attack it. The Dravonic Demon drops Dravonic's Equipment and a new type of weapon called the Draven's Scythe. It also drops a dravonic key, which allows you to open the chest at the Dravonic Cave. The Dravonic Demon is now also a completionist cape requirement. You will have to kill 2500 Dravonic Demons. + Grand Gold Chest When killing Dravonic Demons you have chance of receiving a dravonic key, which you can use to open the Grand Gold Chest. It mostly gives you skilling materials and goodies, but if you're lucky, you can receive a piece of the Dravonic or even a Scythe! + Dravonic's Equipment set (Available in the Webstore in 1 week) The Dravonic's Equipment set is a melee set which increases your melee bonuses and a set effect of .25% drop rate. + Draven's Scythe (Available in the Webstore in 1 week) The Draven's scythe is a very strong melee weapon that hits twice, and also has a 5% chance of hitting three times. Here's how it looks in-game: 09936cda8854c1dbf4d36920292a99b9.mp4 + Changes - Added a lot more spawns to general monsters. - King black dragon spawn time has been increased slightly. - Added green dragon spawn west of brimhaven. - Decreased the item value of dragonhide and leathers. - Extreme ranks+ will be able to use overload under 500 hit points. - Nerfed experience gained from jewelry. - Made the General Rotgut, Shadow Drake, Skeletal Strykewyrm stronger. - Changed the new player starter cash. - Buffed the magma whip droprate. - Lowered slayer monster tasks amounts from slayer masters. - Buffed the super mystery box rare rewards. - Added rune/pure essence to scorpions, to be more available for ironmen. - Shark fishing spot now only allows you to fish only shark, instead of swordfish and tuna. + Additions - Added a tanner to the crafting area in the skill zone. You are now able to tan hides for a fee. - Added a master farmer npc to the skilling zone. (In the area of farming) - Added an amount completed raids count. - Added a gloves shop for ironmen. Talk to the Ironman npc at north of skillzone. - Added black dragon spawns in the wilderness. Location: South of boneyard. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue with the auction house when having too many items in the auction house. - Fixed an issue with the raids Queue Interface. + Weapon Nerfs & Buffs - Nerfed the exo sword attack bonuses. - Nerfed the beginner sword attack bonuses. - Buffed the dark matter sword attack/strength bonuses. - Buffed the crystallic weaponry set. - Buffed the royal bluerite sword attack/strength bonuses. - Buffed the tormented blowpipe range/range strength bonuses. - Buffed the dark lord equipment set.
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    Game update: - Beginner sword has been slightly nerfed - Exo points have been nerf - Added scoria and dark matetr arrows to shops - Arclight defender has been removed from giant orc drop table - Removed monster parts from drop table on certain low level npcs, so you can't farm them super fast. - Sigils drop rate have been nerfed - Revenant's drop table has been nerfed - Slings have been removed from drop tables - Added more feathers to the shops - Spade have been added to the Misc. shop - Increased the amount of fire giants inside Brimhaven dungeon - Increased the amount of hill giants inside taverly dungeon - Increased the amount of abbarant specter inside slayer tower - You can now craft studded bodies, for task scroll - Increased the amount of rune arrow in shops - Captain's hook drop rate from washed-up casket have been lowered - Drop catcher now catch monster parts - Wings from vote shop now have proper melee stats - The stats on tormented rapier have been increased - Crafting moulds have been added to the ironman shop - Added spiders in monsters lair - You can no longer craft a ring of wealth by enchanting a dragonstone ring - Dragon platelegs price has been reduced to 1m - Exorian champion is no longer safe spottable - Spawn timer on various slayer npcs have been reduced - Prices of logs have been reduced - Barrows gloves added to the ironman shop - Enabled sailing - Enabled raids Store: - Changed bank command to Master+ Instead of Immortal. Bug fixes: - Fixed an issue where people would get the wrong item when purchasing something from PoS - Deep rock creatures now give the proper amount of slayer xp and killcounts - Mining gold ore with infernal pickaxe will now give gold bars and not steel bars - Infernal pickaxe now gives smithing xp - Rune full helm now require 40 defence instead of 50 - You can no longer spam click obstacle for faster xp - Featherfall bow is now 2-handed - Fixed an issue with Earthbreaker's shaky screen - The ring of slaying will now teleport you to the scorpion cave and not taverly dungeon - Fixed an issue where people would get the same defenders tiers instead of next tier - Chickens now drops the proper feathers ID - Fixed an issue where some people couldn't talk in the "help" fc - Fixed a bug where players could keep mining the elemental star even thought it was fully mined - Fixed a bug where players could get assigned Gargoyles even thought they didn't have the slayer requirements - Fixed an issue where players were getting low level tasks while using high slayer master - Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the proper amount of donated items - Players will no longer receive the message that they need level 50 fishing to catch swordfish, at level 49. - Fixed an issue where some crawling hands wouldn't count toward the task scroll (easy) - Shared combat xp will now work with the beginner sword - Client will no longer crash upon clicking "recent" on the auction house Admin update: - Admin+ can now restock shops Sneakpeak for next update
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    Hello Exorians, First off I'd like to wish everyone a happy (early) christmas. With this update, we're bringing in some changes to custom slayer monsters, christmas event, additions and general bugfixes. Special shoutout to: @Brosace for the insane Exora logo! + Christmas Event Every 3 hours christmas sunfreet will spawn in to the Exora world. You will be able to teleport to him through the command [;;xmasfreet] it will be announced when he spawns, or you can check your events tab. Sunfreet will drop general goods and rares, and the minimum damage required is 100, to receive those goods. However, anyone who participates in killing the christmas sunfreet, will receive a christmas cracker which they can open for christmas cosmetics, there's a low chance of receiving unique christmas items. There is also a high chance of receiving a christmas sunfreet pet! - Christmas Shoulder pets (Available in the webstore, LIMITED TIME ONLY) You are now able to receive a christmas shoulder pet from either the christmas sunfreet, christmas crackers or the webstore. The shoulder pets are mostly cosmetic, however when equipped you have a chance of receiving an extra voting reward. Extra voting rewards could be the following: Vote book, 1 hour of increased experience, 1 hour of increased drop rate, an xp lamp and some extra coins! The chances of receiving double vote rewards goes as follows: Monkey: 25% Dragon: 50% Octo: 75% - Christmas Crackers (Available in the webstore, LIMITED TIME ONLY) When killing christmas sunfreet, everyone is able to receive a christmas cracker, which they can open, or sell. Christmas crackers contain christmas cosmetics. You have a low chance of receiving a unique christmas cosmetic. - Home filled with snow! + Wilderness changes And again! This is an important change for the community, we'd also love to hear some more feedback regarding this update. Players will now not be able to attack other players with certain custom weapons. However, you are still able to go to the wilderness with your custom weapons, and kill monsters. If you try to attack using a custom weapon, you will not be able to attack the player. + General Changes & Additions - Lowered the godwars bandos minions attack speed. - Uncut onyx is now an obtainable drops from monsters and bosses. - Added black d'hide range equipment to skeletal wyvern and hellhounds. - Buffed visage drop from frost dragons to 1%. - Dragon arrowheads are now obtainable from abyssal demons and dark beasts. - Hellhound now has a proper droptable. - Nerfed drop rate of dark matter, tormented and crystalite (Note: Depending on the feedback this may change) - Spiritual mage now has proper combat attacks/hitpoints. - Removed chaos elemental from the game. - You will now receive an agility experience bonus when completing a lap. - Run energy depletion has been slightly lowered. - You will now receive the following amounts for completing easy achievements: 500 Achievement Points. - You will now receive the following amounts for completing medium achievements: 1000 Achievement Points. - Wind strider wings and earth-dweller cape, now act as an ava's accumulator. - Elemental star locations have been changed. - Clue caskets are now untradeable. - You will now not receive any slayer increased experience spam, instead examining your item will show the increased experience. - You are now required to lvl 60 mining to mine elemental star. - You can now view your game mode in the quest tab. - Dragon arrows and rune arrows have been added to the misc shop. - Best in-slot equipment now have the best hitpoints increase available. - You are now able to teleport to: dravonic demon, magma's, celestials, scorpions and rest of custom slayer monsters using the ring of slaying. - Added a new teleport interface to the runecrafting npc. You are able to select up to 4 favorites. - Removed soulsplit drastically decreasing your prayer. - You are now not able to use dragon arrows with featherfall bow. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue where quantities were wrong when fletching/smithing for arrows. - Fixed an issue with slayer bonus cash reward, when inventory is full. It should now drop or bank the reward. - Fixed an issue with shops like achievements shop, where if your inventory is full you do not receive your items. It will now send it to your bank, or drop it under you. - You now receive the proper gold bar item when mining with infernal pickaxe. - Dark celestials will now despawn when the player has left the area. - Fixed an issue when you are on the last kill of instance, you lose your lote. - Fixed an issue with combining poison claw sigil with amulet, and same things for torva/pernix. + Buffs & Nerfs - Monster hunter's handaxe strength and attack bonuses have been buffed. - Heroic equipment now has tribrid stats combined. Though slightly lower stats. - Dark matter staff now has a 10% chance of hitting twice (with the 2nd damage hitting 100% of the original damage). - Buffed dravonic equipment set. - slightly Nerfed Exorian equipment strength bonus. Hope you guys will enjoy this update! We've also been preparing an update with new weapons & equipment. Stay tuned for that for more information soon!
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    Hello Exorians! We've been hard at work, pushing out fixes and new content just for you! So today we have a nice little treat for you, enjoy. Note: Since we've done some major slayer changes, your task may have been changed to a completely different task than the one you had before. + Slayer Changes We've decided to make some changes to slayer after lots of feedback from the community. - Slayer masters will now give you an appropriate task for your slayer level. - On Baron and King mode you will now receive twice more slayer experience from Vannaka and Mazchna. - Dravonic demon now requires lvl 85 slayer to kill. - Added cave horrors to Vannaka slayer master as a task. You require 54 slayer to kill them. (Monster Lair) - Cave horrors drop black mask so you can create a slayer helmet. - Bonecrusher now available in the task points shop for 50 task points. - Slayer helmets when on slayer task increases your hit rate. - Slayer helmets increase your slayer experience gained by 5% - Boss slayer helmets increase slayer experience gained by 10-30% depending on the tier of the boss. - Exorian Slayer Helmet (Exorian Champions) By killing Exorian Champions, there is a chance of receiving an exorian vestige, which you can use on your slayer helmet. - Abyssal slayer helmet (Abyssal Horror) By killing Abyssal Horrors, there is a chance of receiving an abyssal horror head, which you can use on your slayer helmet. - Cerberus Slayer Helmet (Cerberus) By killing Cerberus, there is a chance of receiving a cerberus head, which you can use on your slayer helmet. - Corporeal Slayer Helmet (Corporeal Beast) By killing Corporeal Beast, there is a chance of receiving a corporeal beast head, which you can use on your slayer helmet. - King dragon slayer helmet (King Black Dragon) By killing King Black Dragons, there is a chance of receiving a king black dragon head, which you can use on your slayer helmet. Here is how they look in-game: + Raids We've heard you loud and clear. We've changed the limit to the raids queue interface to allow much more players. - Queue Interface next/previous page buttons. - Able to use yell while in a Raid. + Donator Zone - Added appropriate fishing spots. - Changed the npcs in the donator zone. - Added lava ore rocks to donator zone. Note: We will most likely change the whole dzone map to a version that has much more space to allow for more slayer monsters, possibly bosses and other benefits. + Shoulder Pets - Added Skeletal F* to boss task points shop. (2nd best in-slot) shoulder pet. - High tier shoulder pets starting from Snail F* ending on Hellcat F* now restore prayer points every few seconds. The higher tier pet, the more it restores your prayer. - High tier shoulder pets starting from Snail F* ending on Hellcat F* now restore hitpoints faster. The higher tier pet, the more it restores your hitpoints. + Changes - You now can attack other monsters faster when you've just killed a monster. - Added more general monster spaws. - Added more scorpion spawns. - Added zilyana minions proper spawns. - Added general graardor minions spawns. - Nerfed abyssal horror attacks. - Buffed the droprate of dravonic equipment, on dravonic demons. - Added a golden monkey pet drop to dravonic demons. - Buffed super mystery box rare rewards (again) - Buffed scorpian's scales drop chance on scorpions. - Added uncut opal gems to cave bugs and deep rock monsters. - Added dagganoth in the wilderness, directly South of Wilderness Volcano (Level 10 Wilderness). - Decreased the rate which soulsplit drains your prayer significantly. - Removed Sailing from being a max cape requirement temporarily. - Washed up caskets item value has significantly decreased. + Bugfixes - Pure essence now work with runecrafting pouches. - Fixed an issue with events tab not properly timing events. - Exorian champion will no longer attack everyone in its area. - Defenders and slayer helmets are now kept on death. - Fixed looting bag being able to back items. - Fixed an issue with using scroll of elite on pernix body and torva full helm. - Fixed an issue with khaashee dragon daily. - You can now fish monkfish or shark from its fishing spot (net/harpoon). + Buffs - Buffed shadowscale equipment set. - Buffed sky-dweller equipment set.
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    Hello Exorians! This guide will run through the basics of Slayer and what it has to offer! So grab your tech decks and lets roll into it. 1: How to start Slayer You would wanna go home, you can use the home teleport in your magic tab or ;;home You'll want to start walking North-East and follow this path Or you can use the Slayer Teleport through the Global Teleport Wizard at Home or Global Teleports in the Quest/Server Infomation Tab. Slayer Teleport is located under "Skilling" 2: How to get your first task Talk to the slayer master Spria to start your slayer Journeys When you level up your Slayer, you'll be able to pick other Slayer Masters. Spria: Level 1 Mazchna: Level 25 Vannakka: Level 50 Chaeldar: Level 75 Sumona: Level 85 Special Slayer Masters Hanto (Boss Tasks): Level 92 Wildyer(Wilderness) Wilderness Tasks? What are they? Well you can convert your slayer task (Some task's cant be converted) More Depth Wilderness Slayer can be find Here 3: How to find your task [spoiler] Just behind Mazchna, there is a NPC called "Slayer Guide" He will tell you important stuff like, where your task is located. Talk to him Select "I need help with my slater task. He'll tell you where it's located. 5: Slayer Store [spoiler] Go to your slayer master, talk to him and click on "Can i Access The Task Point Shop" A interface will pop up with 3 tabs. Each tabs have different things such as General Point Shop Unlock/Learn Shop Assignment/Tasks Shop 5: Extra Infomation (Monster Parts and Slayer timed Tasks) Did you know, if you complete your slayer task in a certain time period, you'll get extra coins and points! What are Monster Parts? Well you can save them up to sell (Monster parts sell for alot!) or make Monster Boxes! To make Monster Boxes, you'll need to be at the Monster Machine Located next to Wildyner Click on the Monster Machine or Right Click and select "Look Monster Machine" After you clicked on the Monster Machine, a Interface will pop up! There are 3 different tiers of Monster Boxes. Red Being a Common Tier since it uses Common Parts(3rd Best) Yellow Being a Uncommon Tier since it uses Uncommon Parts(2nd Best) Blue Being a Rare Tier since it uses Rare Parts.(Best Overall) The rewards are Different on each Tier, the rewards are different. So need some cash? Or do you want to try your luck! Head to this thread for the whole Slayer Database
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    Hello Exorians, here's update log #6! + Bugfixes - Steel telson dagger inventory model has been changed. - An issue with an interface when setting account pin has been fixed. - An issue with the ebonchill spear has been fixed. - An issue with khaashee dragon not giving everyone a drop, even when you did the damage. - Hobgoblins animations have been fixed. - Spiritual warriors, rangers and mages animations and hitpoints have been edited. - Fixed an issue where the shadow drake in raids didn't attack everyone in its area. - Fixed an issue where skeletal minions were spawned in walls. - Fixed an issue where the spikes from skeletal wyrm wasn't hitting everyone in its area. - Fixed an issue where sometimes the chest and portal in raids wouldn't spawn. - Fixed an issue where lietrye's sister's minion would keep spawning. - Fixed an issue where "Withdraw 0" wouldn't update the "Withdraw X" amount in bank. - Fixed an overflow issue with the auction house. + Changes - Replaced the new Torva, Slayer helmet models with old versions. - When a deep rock, burning or frost fire chest/key is dropped you will be notified. - Bloodchiller, Warmonger and Earthbreaker now have new drop tables. - Revamped the rewards for regular/super mystery boxes. - Server will now announce rare rewards from Task scrolls, Khaashee and Raids. - Removed Kilstreak 3 achievement. - General rotgut is now weak to magic, shadow drake to range and skeletal strykewyrm to melee. - Changed loads of unimportant item values. - Made the ganodermic behemoth area multi. - Completionist capes featured have been edited. - Max and Completionist capes have been made untradeable. - Increased Magma Beast hitpoints. - Increased KBD hitpoints. - Lots of custom items now give proper examine messages, describing the item. - Khaashee Dragon prayer decrease has been nerfed by a lot. - Tormented, Dark matter and Scoria bow now have an increased speed. - Dark matter effect 2nd hit will no deal 50% less damage. - Scoria effect 2nd, 3rd hit will now deal 50%, 75% less damage. - Added 3 more exorian champions to its zone. - You will now not be sent home when you've logged out in the wilderness. - Updated the skilling guide with more customs. - Added a draynor teleport to the global teleports cities category. + Additions - Added a new doubloon shop. (Sailing) - Added an infernal completionist cape. It's made by using your infernal cape on a completionist cape. - Added armour of destruction, obtained from enchanted chests and vote shop. (Mostly a cosmetic but has some stats) - Added unidentified gloves, amulet and ring to the Misc. shop at home. You will need to use a sigil on the unidentified equipment to receive a new type of equipment. - Added a new type of bone, Ebon Dragon Bone. It is obtained from ebonchill dragon. It gives the best prayer experience. - Added a new item called the fisherman heirloom. By having it equipped you have a 5% chance at catching double the fish. - Added a new cosmetic item called the Exorian Tophat. - Added a new cosmetic item called the present backpack. More to come of course!
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    == Bug Fixes == - Removed constant messages of droprate bonus while having octo equipped - Monster boxes are now 100 percent obtainable, no failure rate - Monster hunter Xbow has stats - Fixed daily sword from daily chest having 0 charges + other changes to the sword - Fishing spots are more spread out in skillzone - Fixed graphical issue of the green bar when crafting monster boxes - 1 gp items in shop have been fixed - added proper stats to BIS accessories and gloves - Fixed daily task "slayer" teleport location - Dragon defender and arclight defender drop rates have been adjusted - Firestorm blade made a little bit bigger - Changed sailing daily task - Scoprian blowpipe tracking darts from toxic blowpipe has been fixed. - Fixed an issue where sailing moves would display when leaving sailing, now shows proper tab - unarmed attack animation changed to proper punch anims - Nerfed final raid boss, was one shotting people - Disabled ;;estar or ;;star tele while being in fp, wild, or combat - General RotGut soulsplit ability nerfed - Skeletal minions from skeletal strykwyrm have been given HP buff - Removed gwd items, ags, and claws from shops - Removed herblore items / shop - Firecape, infernal cape, and defenders kept on death in wildy - Dragonstone tree moved to the center of dark matter cave - Fixed issue with mac users where auto setup would remove login box == Additions == - Added rune hatchet to shops - Added cash bags to cash stalls - Added more daily tasks - Added new intermediate boss drops, beginner sword, and barrows defender - Added pouches to runecrafting shop - Added more deep rock spiders to deep rock cave
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    REQUIREMENTS - High ranged or attack/strength/defense - 43 prayer (70+ recommended) - Featherfall bow or Exorian sword CLAN CHAT Join the "raids" clan chat to find other players to raid with 🙂 SET-UP RANGED MELEE INVENTORY GETTING STARTED To get started you must go to the raids NPC, which is located north-west of the gambling area at home. Right-click the NPC and select manager, and you'll be prompted with the following screen: - If you want to join someone else's party, just click on Queue and wait to be invited. - If you want to create a party, select the appropriate mode (solo, duo or squad) and then click on create party and you'll find the following screen: Click on Invite player and then select who you want from the queue list. Once everyone has accepted the invite and clicked on "ready up", simply press on start raid to begin. THE RAID BEGINS Once the raid begins, you'll find yourself standing in a custom map with 4 different paths you can follow. Each one will lead to a different boss. You must kill 1, 2 and 3 in order to fight 4 If you're doing squad raids, the best strategy is: - 2 players kill boss 1 - 1 player kill boss 2 - 1 player kill boss 3 - All players kill boss 4 together THE BOSSES [1] General rotgut - pray melee [2] Shadow drake - pray mage [3] Skeletal strykewyrm - pray mage - will spawn several skeletons at half hp. Kill the skeletons before finishing the boss. [4] Lietrye - pray mage - At half hp he will spawn a purple version of himself. Kill the purple one. - When the purple one is at half hp, it will spawn a mini version of himself. Kill the mini one - After mini is dead, finish killing the purple one - After purple one is dead, finish killing the original one REWARDS - Nex pieces - Nex pieces (elite) - Earth-dweller set (BIS ranged) - Sky-dweller set (BIS melee) - Sea-dweller (BIS magic) - Dark matter weapons - Scoria weapons
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    Hello Exorians, Hope you guys have enjoyed your christmas. It's time for the long awaited update log! + Titan Forge Titan forge is way to clean items from the economy and create new, better equipment in return. By titan forging you have to sacrifice equipment, weaponry or materials in return for an upgrade. There is a success chance shown in the interface. Titan forging may not always be successful, and you may lose your materials. To start titan forging you need a hammer and titanite shards. To obtain titanite shards, you will need to kill monsters and bosses. The titan forge object is at the south of home, across the bridge. + Titan Forge Weaponry - True featherfall bow (an upgraded featherfall bow) Allows the use of dragon arrows. - Flame King's Greatsword, a strong 2 handed sword, with unique animations. - Titanite sword, a stronger version of the dark matter sword. + Titan Forge Equipment - Godwars Quivers, quivers boosts your ranged bonuses and pick up your arrows. In order to titan forge it you need 50x of its respective god hide. God hides are obtained from godwars bosses. - Demonic book, it is the best in-slot magic off-hand. - Titanite equipment, the 2nd best in-slot equipment set, created from dravonics and exorians. - Infernal Guard, a decent equipment set for beginner-intermediate players. As we update, there will be more titan forge equipments, weaponry and cosmetics. + Tokhaar-Jad Tokhaar-Jad is a new wilderness boss, that drops goodies, materials and rares. The tokhaar-jad is a multi boss in multi wilderness. Top 5 players with the most damage done to the jad receive a drop. To teleport to Tokhaar-jad, use the global teleports > bosses. + Vorago Vorago is a boss that is extremely weak to magic, and has very high melee/range defensive bonuses. It is in the safe zone, and its spawn time is a few minutes. The top 3 players with the most damage receive a drop. Vorago drops the new magic equipment set, tectonic and it drops other magic accessory such as the tectonic wand, goodies and general materials. + Hope devourer Hope devourer is a wilderness only monster. To kill hope devourer open global teleports > pvp zones > hope devourer. It drops goodies, materials and the new molten cape that increases all your bonuses. + PvP Changes After loads of community feedback, we've changed the allowed wilderness equipment and weaponry. You are still able to bring your ' banned' items, and attack monsters with it. However if you try attacking a player you will not be able to. The following items were banned from the wilderness: - Celestial staff - Wand of scorpian - Virtus wand - Virtus book - Exorian staff - Featherfall bows - Razor darts - Toxic crossbow - Monster hunter weaponry/equipment - Earth-dweller - Sky-dweller - Sea-dweller - Scoria - Dark matter - Neon - Dark lord - Solari - Dinh's - Abyssal equipment - Snail, Hellcat, Golem - Horn boots - Celestial triwhip - Dark Celestial - Firestorm sword - King's greatsword - Exorian equipment/weaponry - Exo sword - Infernal guard + Changes - Tormented the bloodchiller magic defence lowered. - Lowered some bosses, monsters magic defence. - Buffed all magic weaponry by +10 magic bonus and +10% magic strength. - Made lots of monsters/bosses passive. - You now can't teleport from the wilderness above level 30. - Ganodermic now has the proper stats. - Ironmen are now able to create prayer renewals. - Announcements regarding lvl 99, and 200M xp achievements now show game mode. - Increased the value of magic logs, lava ore, washed up casket, tooth, loop and enchanted key. - Tweaked the rate you get magic logs from magic trees. - Added steel studs to the crafting shop. - Agility higher lever course now gives more experience than the lower course. - Lower agility course experience has been slightly nerfed. - Fellstalk, morchella mushroom added to monster drop tables. (Ingredients for prayer renewals.) - Shoulder pet price increased at the Exo Shop. - Godsword shards are now 1m each. - Titanite shards are now dropped from tormented demon, abyssal horror, dark matter, undead dragon, ebonchill dragon. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue with Duel Arena cash overflow. It now drops the coins under you. - Fixed an issue with Duel Arena stake limit. - Fixed an issue with objects stopped working, (elemental star, runecrafting altars). - Fixed an issue with drop catcher cash overflow. - Fixed an issue with the khaashee daily. - Fixed an issue with sunfreet kill count and task scroll. - Fixed an issue with abyssal horror kill count. - Fixed the general rotgut safespot. - Fixed the requirement to equip dark matter and shadowscale. - Removed dummies from lumbridge. - Removed the boulder in the wilderness, at iron dragon. - Fixed an issue with ironman not showing the proper symbol when you're a donator. - Fixed an issue with prestige hitpoints on baron/king. - Fixed demonic gorilla pet being tradeable. - Fixed boss slayer helmets being tradeable. + Weapons - Buffed dark matter staff. - Dark matter staff now has a 25% chance of double hitting its original damage. Good luck & have fun, Exorians!
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    Once you receive a slayer assigments, you can turn it into a wilderness slayer assigment by speaking to "Wildyer" at the Slayer Camp. Monsters defeated inside the wilderness will give the following: - Double slayer exp - Double task points - 0.5% drop rates Here is a list of all the slayer npc's locations. You can access these areas from the Global Teleport -> PvP zones. These zones are in the wilderness and possibly in a multi-zone so be careful Ruins north-east (level 28, multi) : - Dark beast - Gargoyle Ruins west (level 22) : - Abyssal demons - Black demons - Lesser demons Graves (level 21, multi) : - Zombie Wilderness Volcano (level 21, multi) : - Black dragons - Greater demons - Blue dragons - Frost dragons - Hellhounds - Ankous - Lesser demons - Iron dragons - Bronze dragons Revenant dungeon (multi) : - Greater demons - Green dragons - Hellhounds - Revenants West (level 10) : - Green dragons East (level 19) : - Green dragons Mage bank (multi) : - Giant bats Northwest of Lava Dragon Isle (level 27) : - Spiders - Giant spiders If I am missing certain monsters, please let me know and I will update the list. Goodluck!
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    Hello! If you just joined Exora, then by now you have noticed how much it has to offer, it makes you confused on what route to go. Dont you worry, this guide will give you a brief introduction to the starting thoughts and options to choose from. first tip is to go through every shop at home, go through the quest tab and look up every point system on Exora. Even go so far as to look on last 5 Update posts as they can reveal massive changes that could benefit your choice of route. Money, money is the key to unlocking the gate of endless options. *Thieving *Skilling (at the start this is a great money maker, since alot of people will wanna go for max first, if thats not your aim then sell them your raw supplies) Clue scroll: Clue scrolls are task generated, meaning it will give you a task such as "cut 176 oak logs" you can recieve massive gear upgrades from doing the clue scrolls, even gaining you exo points. Slayer: Here on Exora you might get random drops whilst killing your slayer task such as "green monster groop or monsters eye" they are stackable so pick them up, why? because here on Exora you can combine these items to Make them into A Random item Generator "Also Known as Mystery Boxes" which will also open up chances on Huge upgrades to your armour and weapons. Achievements: Achievements are Tasks That can be done on your account To show how far you have come, Achievements are required for completionist cape later on in the End Game. But they also Reward you With Mystery Boxes, Lamps for your Non-Prefered Skills, and even Stacks of Gold. and variaty of Ingame Points Currency Tips! Tip nr 1: click on every skill on the skill interface before training the actuall skill to show you levels required for each thing on there, it will even display costume training methods such as "Gemstone trees" Tip nr 2: make a Plan, this is pretty straight forward but sometimes you can get caught in the moment, A plan could be such as "Road to Max, Collection Log, highscore goals, Hoarder (one that collects items), best pker, best pvmer, the options are endless. and there is so many ways on here to achieve these goals. tip nr 3: Make Friends, it will make your gaming experience so much better, have someone to talk to, boss with, do minigames with, even compete with. Other HelpFul Ingame Options and Shortcuts to know About: there will always be people helping you ingame, at home, in "help cc" or staff on Discord. dont be afraid to ask for tips and answers. This is a fast and easy beginners guide on what to keep in minds as a beginner, by the time you are done with these stuff you will have a plan or option already figured out! This is R e V, Out
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    Getting Started! talk to the npc and select shop buy to upper left boat to start out, its free. Safe Zone The safe zone is where you can stay endless to repair your ship while waiting or if you want to return to when your ship is full, from here you enter the waters or exit it. You can move your ship every last 20 seconds of the timer. Ship Wrecks! This is what you want to get ship wrecks, you can shoot up a ship or move along the water to find one to loot. moving your ship over the other ship will automaticly start hauling the goods. Bigger Ships means bigger loots. Once your ship has been fully loaded you return your ship back to the safe zone. after that talk to the dubloon merchant I'd like to sell my cargo from my ship (1 cargo is 3 dubloons) so with a full starter ship you can gather upto 3k dubloons at the time. you can buy bigger boats for dubloons, merchant ships will have bigger capacity, while the other have more hull structure (if your into fighting) PS: When your ship is damaged, you can either go back, and repair it at the shipyard worker (paid) or (free) let it stay on a safe spot and your crew will fix your boat.
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    Hello Exorians, we're getting ready for the release! + Additions - Sea-dweller cape, the best in-slot magic cape. Obtained from raids. - Earth-dweller cape, the best in-slot range cape. Obtained from raids. - You are now able to create heroic horn boots by combining all three horn boots. - You are now able to create heroic strider wings by combining all three strider wings. - Finished donator zone, now has monsters in it as well! - Added more boss instances. Here's how they look: Earth: Sea: + Changes - Updated the skilling guide with more customs. - Seperated the lionfish fishing spot from the shark fishing spot. - Fletching a log now gives x15 arrowshafts. - Fixed an issue with battlestaves not using their runes. - Removed all seeds from the farming shop, except guam seeds. - Fixed an issue with featherfall bow. It now requires arrows up to rune. - Nerfed the dark bow. - Monster hunter's handaxe item rotations have been adjusted. - Infernal max cape, now has the stats of Infernal cape. - Changed the size of the pet king black scorpion. - Buffed exorian equipment/weaponry stats. - Added more monsters to the monster kill counts. - Changed the enchanted chest rewards. - Removed rocktails from the foods & potion shop. - Dropping an item now doesn't show for anyone for a minute, then will be visible for everyone for 2 more minutes. - Ganodermic Behemoth is now weak to magic. - Cerberus combat has been nerfed. - Abyssal horror now deals proper combat damage, and is weak to mage-range. - Reduced Abyssal horror respawn time and made its zone multi. - Sunfreet is now a multi combat boss. - Fixed a combat issue with Glacors. - Dragon gem stone tree has slightly been moved at the dark matter cave. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue where mini lietrye spawns more than once. - The command ::estar will now properly teleport you to the elemental star. - Fixed an issue where ice barrage and ice burst had a too long delay to hit a npc target. Thank you everyone for taking the time to beta test Exora! Beta testers will be rewarded with a special custom item, made by no one other than @lumplum
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    Hello Exorians, Thank you all for being interested in the beta test. The open beta will be starting and ending on the following dates: Start: 19th of November 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1) End: 26th of November 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1) The point of the open beta: Play the server as you would if it was officially released to the public. Try to break things, and give us constructive feedback/suggestions. Bug reports can be posted here: https://exora.io/community/index.php?/forum/43-bug-report/ Suggestions can be posted here: https://exora.io/community/index.php?/forum/24-suggestions/ How do I get the client? The client can be downloaded here: http://exora.io/public/Exora-beta.jar Will account be reset? Yes, accounts will receive a full wipe. That means achievements, skills, items and everything else. Can you vote? Yes, players are able to vote. Can you donate? Yes, players are able to donate (If you do so, then the credits will be given upon release)
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    We've been working on a neat cosmetic overrides system for Exora. Allowing you to change your appearence, but still keep your bonuses of your items. Should make for some fun costumes! How it works: You can change the appearence of your equipped items by equipping an item in the transmog interface. By doing so it will equip the item you are using for cosmetics in your transmog equipment. (You will need to have the item in your inventory.) There are pre-set items in the transmog interface, with all categories except the ring slot. You are also able to preview items and see how they look on your character. Note: There will be a lot more items in the Transmogrifier! Here's some media:
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    Shortcuts for all Skilling Guides (Credits to SilverNova for Images and thread layout) Images that don't have any links will be updated once the guides correlated to the skill has been made! Other Useful Guides:
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    To start mining, go to 'global teleport' -> 'skilling' -> 'mining' or then teleport to 'skill zone' and run to the northeast. On the right, you will find a house with furnace and anvil, enter the house and speak to 'Dwarf'. With him you can buy all the pickaxes from bronze to rune. Or just teleport ;;Home and then walk to south of the bank. Maybe it’s the best place to mine, since there’s the bank right next to Now I will leave the ores, levels and experience for each ore (king mode exp) (Copper ore) Level 1-15 - 50 exp (Tin ore) Level 1-15 - 50 exp (Iron ore) Level 15-30 - 100 exp (Coal) Level 30-40 - 250 exp (Gold ore) Level 40-55 - 345 exp you can mine gold up to level 99, as long as you have rune pickaxe, it will be the fastest experience you can. (Mithril ore) Level 55-70 - 410 exp (Adamantite ore) Level 70-85 - 625 exp (Runite ore) Level 85-95 - 850 exp (Lava ore) Level 95-99 -1050 exp ::Dzone and walk west to mine lava ore or PVP teleport to Ruins North-East then run south-east -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Pickaxes Each time you unlock a pickaxe, switch to that new one, to mine faster. The more level you need to use the pickaxe, the faster it mine. Bronze pickaxe - Level 1 Iron pickaxe - Level 1 Steel pickaxe - Level 6 Mithril pickaxe - Level 21 Adamant pickaxe - Level 31 Rune pickaxe - Level 41 Dragon pickaxe - Level 61 Infernal pickaxe - Level 85 - chance to combust an ore to a bar Lucky pickaxe - Level 90 - is obtained from a monster mystery box. It has a higher chance to combust ores to bars and is slightly faster than the Infernal pickaxe -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Elemental Star Elemental star crashes on the Exora once every hour. By mining it you receive Elemental chunks, which you can use to create elemental dusts. (Requires 99 crafting). Elemental dust are used to upgrade your Heirloom. ::estar to teleport to Elemental star (requires level 5 to mine it) if you mine with infernal pickaxe or lucky pickaxe, you have the chance to combust elemental chunck to elemental dust -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Achievements Manager I would recommend seeing the achievements manager, because by completing some tasks implemented there, you can receive rewards. In this case of mining, you can receive the mining outfit, which gives more exp. at the end of the achievements, you will receive full prospector outfit, 81m, 4 small lamps and 1 mystery box, 6500 Achievements Points and Exo Points PS: No experience boost was added. If something is missing, just say. I hope it helps.
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    Hello Exorians, It's time for another update log! We've added a new group boss, brought in gameplay changes and general additions/bug fixes. We're still looking for a few more serious beta testers. And we're getting quite closer to release. Stay tuned on our official discord. + Argus Argus is the new group boss introduced in Exora. He can only be damaged with Melee and Magic. He has 4 phases where you will have to damage his shield with magic. Argus's melee attacks can only hit players in front of him, so a tank would be needed to keep aggro. Argus can randomly hit a massive aoe attack dealing a bleeding effect to players, if they are under a bleeding storm. Note: The following media shown is still in the works, and will likely have some changes such as rewards. Here's how it looks: + Events We've added a new area for hosting our events. You can teleport here via the global teleports. Cities > Events. + Skill Zone Changes Added a new path to the house teleport. Removed the farming patches. You will now have to talk to the farming master to teleport to farming patches around Exora. Servants are now behind the house teleport. + Vote Book Changes We feel as though the vote book gave way too many overpowered buffs. Vote book will now give you 1 vote point upon claiming it. The extra benefits are now spread out through other books, obtained via voting, events or loot boxes. - Book of exora (increased hit rate by 10%, drop rate and double xp for 10 mins) - Book of wisdom, doubles experience gained for 10 minutes. - Book of wealth, increases drop rate for 10 minutes. - Book of strength, increased hit rate by 10% for 10 minutes. + Coal Bag You can now store your coal in the coal bag. The limit is 100 coal. Obtained via an achievement reward. (Easy Task) The coal bag can not be lost in the wilderness, nor can you drop it. Coal bag allows you to also smelt ores without taking the coal to your inventory. + Achievements - A new construction achievement: Build a kitchen room in your house. - A new construction achievement: Build a throne room in your house. - A new achievement "Smelt 50 iron bars". Reward: coal bag. + Abyssal Armour Abyssal armour will now reflect 10% of incoming damage, if the full set is equipped. It is obtained from abyssal horrors. + Dark Matter Demons - Dark matter demons now have 15k hitpoints as they are high end monsters. - Lowered dark matter demons attack speed. + Hecarim - Added hecarim's greataxe, slightly faster than a regular greataxe, hits twice and has a 5% chance of hitting an extra hit. Rare drop from hecarim. - Added hecarim's bow, same speed as rest of high tier bows. Uses arrows up to dragon. Hits twice however the 2nd hit is slightly less damage. Rare drop from hecarim. + Gothmog (Firelands) Gothmog will now update the kill count for all participants up to 5 players. Gothmog now has increased hitpoints, a total of 50k. Gothmog attack delay, defensive bonuses have been nerfed. Gothmog prayer flicks have been removed. + Changes - Soulsplit will now heal slightly less than normal. - Removed the ability to skill for exo points. - Removed the ability to obtain angelic/demonic aura wings from the game. The new starter wings are obtained from the Vote shop or other drops, very easy to obtain. - Removed the ability to obtain twisted bow from the game. (There are plenty alternatives) - Removed armadyl runes from the magic shop. Now only obtainable via Glacors. - Removed the special attack bar from certain weapons that don't have a special attack. - Removed the talk option from pets. - Renamed a lot of pets' names to better fit the pet. - Changed the item requirement for certain weapons and equipment. - Changed the item inventory look from lots of items to look more natural. - Dravonic demon attack bonuses buffed and will also deal magic damage. - Added an option for the Altar to switch back to moderns (Wasn't clear enough that you could switch back). - Undead dragon completionist cape requirement changed to 250, previously 500. - Gothmog completionist cape requirement changed to 1, previously 10. - Leaving the house portal now sends you outside of the house portal in the skill zone. - Tree seeds are now obtainable via monster drops. - Lowered all farming patch time per stage. (Thus making it faster for the seeds to grow). + Additions - You can now use the lunar spell cure plant, to cure a diseased patch. - You can now quick open mystery boxes. - You can now view the raids loot by examining the raids chest. - Added next/previous pages for the chest viewer to view all the loot. - You can now note your items at all farming npcs. - You can now get 1m coins for 1 task point, via the slayer task shop. - Seismic wand has been added to the item guide. - Tectonic equipment has been added to the item guide. - Lionfish has been added to the item guide. - Added house teleport tab. - Added cerberus to the instance list. - Added more dragon spawns (iron, steel and black). - Added an area for steel dragons (north-west past the green dragons) - Added more items to be available in the drop catcher. - Added plant cure to farming shop. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with chat color settings not saving. - Fixed an issue with servant dialogues. - Fixed an issue with the new player referral dialogue not closing after input. - Fixed an issue with trapdoor not being able to enter dungeon, if the main dungeon was removed. - Fixed an issue where spikey chain wasn't working in the slayer tower. - Fixed an issue with gilded pickaxes not being able to mine. - Fixed an issue with ;;bank allowing you to skill infinitely. - Fixed an issue with the wilderness volcano exit. Hope you guys liked this update, there's a lot more to come!
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    Hello! I am here to help those wishing to start as Ironman learn how to get started as a iron, without further to do here we go! -you can choose to either do the tutorial or not up to you.- Gamemodes The main focus you are gonna want to do is Baron or King as they provide the best benefits since we are to be self efficient cant use most shops and cant loot other player loot, use auction house or pvp kill for gear. SIR 250X Combat xp 150x Skilling xp LORD 125x Combat xp and 75x Skilling xp with a 1% drop rate bonus BARON 50x combat xp 25x Skilling xp with a 2.5% drop rate bonus, a 5% hit rate increase and a extra 250 prayer points KING 10X combat exp 5x skilling xp a 5% drop rate increase, a 10% hitrate increase a extra 500 prayer points and the beginner set lasts longer once you have decided on what game mode you would like it will ask you if u want to be a Iron or even a HARCORE IRON Hell yeah we do So we have are starting gear and now is where you decide whether you want to do skills or combat first, first lets know what there is that can help us in IRONMAN. As a Ironman there are a few Shops that we are ALLOWED to use in the skilling and home areas The major one being the ironman shop which is found by teleporting to the skilling zone and running north This npc sells are basic tools for starting skills and also the cullimancer's gloves (barrow gloves) Another store we are allowed to use in the Skilling zone is the herblore shop which is found south of the skillzone bank and it sells the secondary ingrediants and vials of water SHOP1 SHOP 2 Now for the Misc. shop which is found at home! this stores sell us a few odds in ends like rune arrows which are great with a Featherfall Bow! and the unidentified glove, necklace, and ring for the best in slots. now the next shop you can use as a iron is the magic shop at home for runes! Personally I would start with skills that are required for the easy-medium achievements, these reward with CASH, EXO points and ACHIEVEMENTS POINTS and LAMPS! depending on their difficulty as we can get the EXO sword from the EXO store which is 25k EXO points and will be our best in slot melee for a while. EXO POINT STORE And the ACHIEVEMENT STORE Now if you want to Choose combat first I recommend immediately Grabbing a slayer task as we can get started on leveling up our combat stats for better tasks and also getting some cash built up and also getting our prayer to 43 is VERY IMPORTANT as then we can use the PROTECT FROM MAGIC AND MELEE which is useful for farming DARK CELESTIALS(Pray magic) CELESTIAL FOXES(pray melee) for the Featherfall bow which will be our main range for awhile and also the celestial staff and scimitar (if u don't buy the exo sword) @ the celestial cave teleport. NOW IMPORTANT TIPS I CAME ACROSS WITH MY KNOWLEDGE AND THE HELP OF OTHERS PRAYER- DO NOT BURY THEM USE THEM ON THE ALTAR AT HOME NORTH RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BANK! HERBLORE -PRAYER POTS ARE OUR LIFE! requires 38 herblore and a ranarr weed and snape grass! the best quantity for herbs I have found is killing the bronze and steel scorpions for all herbs 1-20 NOTED! Fishing and Cooking- self explanatory fish the best fish and cook that fish to help not dwindle down your prayer pots! And as you have been Killing monsters around Exora you will notice you have come across parts that look like these these parts are used at these Parts are used at the monster table found northeast of the home bank between the slayer camp and the dicezone these boxes give various items some lack luster then others but also contains some major upgrades for us iron the main ones being the Monster hunter shield (can be upgraded to Titanite Shield) Monster Handaxes (little bit weaker then the Dark Matter Sword) Ancient amulet (same stats as a fury) ShadowStone ring (same stats as berserker I) the amulet and the ring also give a better chance for The monster parts as for Armour progression i'm not very experienced as I skipped a lot with grinding out the biggest baddies I could do in low tier gear, but here is how I progressed so far in my time playing as a iron Melee starter gear<Rune Armour<Bandos<barrows<Dravonic<???? Now what drops this gear? Rune armour almost any monster drops rune armour Bandos is Dropped by general Graador Barrows/Guthans/Dharoks, is dropped by the boss sunfreet Dravonic Demons 85 slayer required drop the dravonic @ Dravonic lair Range Green dragonhide<Black Dragonhide<Armadyl<ShadowScale<??? Green dragonhide is dropped by the celestials Black dragonhide is dropped commonly by hellhounds and skeletal wyverns Mage Mystic<Ahrims<???? Mystic is droped by various slayer monsters Ahrims I got randomly from a event that is no longer here ( 😞 ) Now for tips on how to train certain skills that you may be struggling with this is what I did if u find a easier method More Power to you 😄 Fishing and cooking Monkfish require 62 fishing and 62 cooking they burn a lot but once u hit the 92-94 you hardly-never burn a inv Crafting what I did was Bowstrings until I was able to cut sapphires and carried a chisel with me everywhere and picked up the higher lvl uncuts as well to stock pile them for when I could craft them. Also Thieving This skill benefits your crafting to a multitude of xp if you didn't happen to get a gemstone hatchet to chop gemstone trees at lvl 75 you can steal from the gem stall in the thieving area of the skillzone Recently they added a new Feature THE TITAN FORGE! here you can make Upgrades to Certain weapons at a cost and fee as you can see this one requires a feather fall bow+10m+10 elemental dust and has a 15% to forge YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR ITEMS BACK IF YOU FAIL TO FORGE IT IS BEST TO HAVE EXTRAS BEFORE DOING THIS!!!!! Easiest bosses/npc i have found to kill for titanite shards Abyssal horror Exorian Champion Ebonchill dragons GEMSTONE HATCHET TREES OPAL HOME EAST OF SHOPS SAPPHIRE BLURITE MINES EMERALD CELSTIAL CAVE WEST OF ENTRANCE RUBY SUNFREETS LAIR NEAR WHERE U SPAWN DIAMOND ????? DRAGONSTONE DARK MATTER CAVES SOUTH FAQ On Gear HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GLORY OR FURY Step 1. obtain a Dragonstone/onyx from various monsters 2.aqurire a amulet mould from the barbarrians in barbarian village (tele to varrock run west) 3. aquire a ball of wool from imps at the K'ril tsutaroth teleport under bosses 4. mine gold ore and make into a bar 5.with the amulet mould in your inventory use the gold bar on furnace 6. use the crafting tele to use the amulet (u) on spinning wheel 7. Now you use the desired Enchant spell (dragonstone/onyx) on the amulet You have now made a Glory / Fury AVA ACCUMULTAR @AQUANITES in monster lair AMULET OF FURY Various chests (BURNING, FROST FIRE, DEEP ROCK) DRAGON BOOTS GWD (tele to boss and kill spectral mage) And for Now I hope This somes up most of the questions you may have as IRONMEN! I will Continue to upgrade this guide as more content is released! Also Feel free to pm me in game if u have other questions this did not answer Ragnos
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    What is your In-game name? - Drezerr What time-zone are you in? - Eastern Europe GMT+2 Finland What is your discord tag? - Drezerr#0084 Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? - I have been staff member in minecraft and MTA servers. My job was to help new players in mta with my long experience in game. Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? - No and i have been played this server everyday since launch. Do you like the current staff team? - Yes. Right now there is good and positive team. Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? - No, im friend with everyone. Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? - Im right now unemployed and playing like 12hours in day so im online most of time. Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? - I would help players who need help with anything in game or discord - Keeping chat clean - I will take action if someone is breaking rules! Tell us more about yourself? - Hey my name is Tommi, im 24 from Finland. I was working as chef in restaurant before my contract ended. I have played League of Legends like 10 years now and along it osrs/rsps. Im player friendly guy who havent got any bans ever. I live with my girlfriend and just few weeks ago i teached her about osrs. I hope we get one more player there to our community soon! A picture of your playtime? Well it's hard to say everything here about me, if you guys have anything to ask just message me on discord or ingame 🙂
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    Custom Gear Guide Sets of gear Melee Range Mage Weapons Melee
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    What is your In-game name? Acara What time-zone are you in Eastern USA What is your discord tag? acara#3472 Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? No, but I have a lot of experience with exora/bpk Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? Never Do you like the current staff team? All of them, talk to everyone daily Do you have any problems with the current staff team? Nope 🙂 Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I'm a very honest person, very knowledgeable with both the game and rules of the server. Also know how to handle people pretty well, do it on a daily basis closing loans at work. Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? 1. Clean up yell, far too much toxicity going on and is probably deterring some new players from staying. 2. Provide as much server knowledge and help as I can. (I get probably 25+ pms a day already asking questions, I answer all of them) 3. I would like to start developing weekly events for Saturday/Sunday. More than just the typical hide and seek giveaways or dh torunaments. I would like to incorporate like a boss massacre where we spawn bosses in a tight zone (like khaashee zone or xmasfreet) and do that for like 30 min, (safe death ofcourse) or doing like first person to receive x drop in yell wins. Stuff like that Tell us more about yourself? Hey my name is Nate, im 22 from Ohio. Recently single (was engaged, she a hoe), work for a financial firm and I pay bennies rent sometimes 🙂 A picture of your playtime?
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    Hi everyone, I have noticed that one of the most frequently asked questions on the server is what the different pets do. With that being said, I would like to clear the up for everyone! What do the different colors mean? Black pets: Bonus slayer xp Gold pets: Bonus droprate Blue pets: Increases chance of getting rare items from both clue scrolls and enchanted chests Green pets: Increases the amount of shillings you get from playing zstorm Red pets: Increases hitpoints while in PVP combat Orange pets: Reduces rate of drain on run What is the difference between Monkey/Dragon/Octo? These three pets each do the same thing, but they vary in how much bonus they give. Monkey: The lowest of the three pets. The monkey has the lowest bonus of the three. Dragon: The middle tier of the three pets. Dragons give a good bonus, but octo is still far better. Octo: The best of three pets. Octo is typically much better than the other two. What if my pet is not listed above? If your pet is not a monkey/dragon/octo, then you likely got a boss or skilling pet! These pets are very rare and are awesome to see running around the game, congratulations! There are also a few pets that you are able to purchase with different points in the game, but when you hover over them or click on them they tell you exactly what they do. Some of the skilling pets also have bonus affects, such as Beaver pet gives 10% more woodcutting xp as well as 2 logs each successful swing. I hope this guide was helpful, Verpo
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    <WORK IN PROGESS> As we all know this server is brand new with tons of custom content. Which ofcourse will come with a ton of questions! The point of this guide is to get all these questions lined up in 1 guide just for you all to go by if you got questions. This guide will get updated weekly so if there is any questions you would like to see answered and see alot going around. Feel free to PM 'Woox' or 'que' or put it down below in the comments so we can add it in. lets get into it! Question 1: "My commands don't work" Exora is a 667 revision RSPS. On 317 RSPS's you use commands such as ::vote, ::donate, ::home etc.... (`) key won't open the console. To make it real easy just replace the '::' with ';;' Few examples: - ;;claimvote (claims your votes) - ;;claim (claims your donation) - ;;home (teleports you home) Question 2: "Where are the slayer masters" So we will start at ;;home. Going from there run NORTH-EAST (East of the big gambling area). There you will see this spot with all the masters. "OMG I CAN'T FIND MY SLAYER TASK!!!!!" Guess what! NO PANIC NEEDED. As you see on the image there is a "IMPORTANT NPC". Talk to the guy and this dialog will pop up: Press the 5th option and watch the magic happen! SPOILER: It will show the loc of your current slayer task;) For a way more in-depth slayer guide please navigate to Official Beginner Slayer Guide Question 3: "Where is the raids NPC" As how we started the question above we will start at ;;home. Going from there run NORTH-WEST. So the opposite side of the slayer masters. Over there you will find the raids NPC: For a more in-depth raids guide please navigate to Raids Guide Question 4: "What key do i use on what chest" First of all some info: As you may of noticed during slayer you can get keys/chests. Some of them are obvious how they work and how to use them some a little less. To open a chest you will ALWAYS need the key for it. 1. ENCHANTED KEY Combining a tooth half of a key with a loop half of a key will make a Enchanted key. In order to use this key you do not need a chest as drop. You simply have to go ;;home and south of the bank you will find this chest: Use the enchanted key on the chest and BOOM done. 2. BURNING KEY/CHEST Burning keys / chests are obtainable by killing monsters in the Magma Dungeon. This one speaks for itself there is a burning key and a burning chest. So just USE them on eachother and BOOM done. 3. DEEP ROCK KEY/CHEST Deep rock keys / chests are obtainable by killing monsters in the Deep Rock Dungeon. This one speaks for itself there is a deep rock key and a deep rock chest. So just USE them on eachother and BOOM done. 3. FROST FIRE KEY/CHEST Frost fire keys / chests are obtainable by killing monsters in the Celestial Cave. This one speaks for itself there is a Frost fire key and a frost fire chest. So just USE them on eachother and BOOM done. 3. MAGMA KEY Magma keys are a different concept then the other ones. For the magma key you have to teleport to Magma Dungeon. From there on run straight EAST till you see a big room. In this room you will find a burning chest. Use the key on it and BOOM done. Question 5: "What are the tiers of gear" We get alot of questions like 'What weapons should i go for' 'what weapon is better' 'how do i get that weapon' In this question I will try and explain as much as I can on this topic. To make this real easy aswell, just navigate to your 'skills tab' and click on 'attack' This will pop up: As you see you can see alot of customs. Now it kinda speaks for itself the higher attack you need the better weapon it will be. (NOT ALWAYS THE CASE) Next step you can do once you find out which tier gear you want to go for. You can open the 'quest tab' and click on 'MONSTER DROPTABLES'. And then just click on 'Find drop' and enter the name of the weaponry. Next window will pop up: Like this you can kind of navigate through everything and then see what you have to kill in order to get the gear. So now I would recommend to just go through everything a little and then see what boss/mob you would wish to kill. For a way more in-Depth guide on gear/weapons and how to obtain them please navigate to Custom Gear Guide (Work in Progress) Question 6: "Can you pricecheck this" As mentioned before this server is brand new. As you are reading this mills/items are getting flooded in the game. Its really hard to put a stable price on items while the economy is rising so fast. I would always recommend before selling/buying something to go around and look for what it is selling/buying. Question 7: "Where do i see when the event is" Open up your quest tab. Click on the blue icon to go to the events. Also you can click 'Global Teleports' for quick tele's instead of wizard at home. Few handy commands: Use ;;khaashee to teleport to khaashee. use ;;estar to teleport to the elemental star.
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    Yo this dude has 31k HP, wtf reported. . .
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    Glad to see you pushing out these updates so quick. Looks like this server is gonna have a bright future.
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    i wanna add special thanks to LUMPLUM, ADAM AND YOU BENNIE. the speed of the fixes, the countless fast responses, and the way you guys test stuff and make everything so perfectly done is amazing, nothing and i mean nothing has been done half assed, your aim to make everything 100% working shows how dedicated and Pro you guys actually are. and for everyone else, I am The NR 1 King Mode. gl on highscores.
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    Hello Exorians, time for some more updates! - Added a new custom monster called the deep rock spider. It drops the deep rock chest and keys. (Global teleports > deep rock dungeon) And other misc items. - Renamed armoured warbeast to deep rock warbeast. Warbeasts will now also drop deep rock chests and keys. - Added a new custom monster called the magma elemental, drops burning chests and keys. And other misc items. - Added more drops to celestial monsters: Featherfall bow, Celestial Staff, Frostfire chest and frost fire keys. - Renamed dark elemental monster to Dark Celestial Elemental. - Added a new equipment set called the Abyssal. It is dropped by Abyssal Horror. - Removed abyssal bludgeon, abyssal dagger from abyssal horror droptable and added it to abyssal demons. - Revamped undead dragon droptable. - Changed craft leather boots to craft leather vambs on task scrolls. - Changed the rate of amounts needed on task scrolls. - Fixed an issue with gems not being counted on task scrolls. - Task scrolls will now only be dropped once, until your task scroll is completed. You can however obtain different tiers. - Nerfed easy task scrolls droprate. - Added dark matter demon to slayer tasks, only if you've learned how to kill it. - Added rewards for slayer mystery box. (May needs some changing.) - Enchanted keys now drops on slayer tasks. - Equipping shadow stone ring will now allow you to receive higher tier monster materials faster. - Added skilling shoulder pets to achievements shop. Monkey, Dragon and Octo. They will give increased skilling xp when equipped. Monkey giving the lowest increased xp, octo the highest. - Added a daily sword to the daily rewards. It is given at day 3. It has 2500 charges and is similar to the beginner scimitar. - Added stats to most custom items. - Scoria and dark matter bow, now can use the special attack. - Fixed an issue where you would freeze if you checked infernal cape stats. - Updated guide interface with more information, and customs. + Skilling Changes Finally! Some changes to skilling. We've decided to pay some more attention to skilling as well. Here are some fun changes! + Gem stone trees From this point on, you are now able to cut down gem stone trees. There are multiple versions. Gem stone trees will give you uncut gems instead of logs. To start cutting gem stone trees, you will need a gem stone hatchet. Gem stone hatchet is obtainable from the Achievement Shop. And will soon be made obtainable various ways. + Lionfish Lionfish is a new type of fish able to be caught at the skilling zone. Lionfish heals you a little more than sharks, however if you're poisoned it will cure your poison. + New Chests - Deep rock chests are obtained from deep rock spiders & warbeast. You are able to receive general goodies and the royal soldier's longsword. - Frost fire chests are obtained from celestial monsters in the celestial cave. When using a key on the chest you receive general goodies and a chance at the following items: Featherfall bow, Celestial staff and Dark Celestial scimitar. - Burning chests are obtained from magma elementals. When using a key on the chest you receive general goodies and a chance at the following items: Firestorm Longsword, Ornate Katana. + Custom Weapons - Featherfall bow (Obtained from celestials in the celestial cave frost fire chest.) - Celestial staff (Obtained from celestials in the celestial cave and frost fire chest.) - Firestorm longsword (Obtained from magma elemental and burning chest) - Royal bluerite sword (Obtained from deep rock spiders.) - Royal soldier's sword (Obtained from deep rock chest, dropped by spiders and warbeast.) + New Equipment - Abyssal Equipment is a melee equipment set. Slightly stronger than torva. + Misc - Cashy bag, a bag that goes in to the cape slot. Obtained from task scrolls. (Cosmetic) - Exorian artifact, an item that teleports you home when clicked. It costs 100k in the misc shop.
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    - Added a new monster called the dark matter demon. You will have to learn how to kill him through the slayer shop. New monster drops its respective pet and dark matter weaponry, which is 2nd best-in-slot. You are able to teleport to them by opening global teleports > dungeons > dark matter cave. - Buffed the droprate of tormented beasts and crystalite gargoyle. - Enabled the ability to vote, claiming a vote gives you a vote book. Claiming a vote book gives you a chance of receiving a vote cosmetic. - Added a new option to the smithing npc to create a new equipment set called the Infernal Guard set. Talk to him for more information. - Added a global currency called Exo Points, it is obtained from doing various activities in Exora. From achievements, skilling, pvming, task scrolls and more. Talk to the "Exo" npc at home to learn more, and spend your points. - Baron/King game modes have increased exo points on skills. - Increased Exo points obtained from achievements as a donator, depending on your rank, view: https://exora.io/store/benefits - Added a scroll of wealth, it will allow you to upgrade your ring of wealth. Obtained from the Exo shop. - Added a imbue scroll, it will allow you to imbue fremennik rings. Obtained from the Exo shop. - Added an Exo sword, it hits twice as fast as a regular sword, and is a good way to progress through the game. Obtained from the Exo shop. - Added an npc for achievements at home. Talk to him to learn more about achievements and rewards. - Added achievements shop. - Relocated the flower poker zone to the gamble zone at home. It will now plant flowers there. - Added a win message for flower poker, telling you with what you won. - Fixed an issue with combining items. - Changed right click options on skilling zone npcs. - Enabled task scrolls to be dropped from monsters, under 60cb 10% chance per kill, from 60-100cb 5% chance per kill and from 100 and above 1% chance per kill. Elite task scrolls are obtained from bosses. - Donator zone map has been slightly edited. - Scorpion cave map has been slightly edited. - Fixed an issue where you can't use prayer in a stake if the option is enabled. - Added an option to remove your ironman rank. - Fixed an issue where if captain's hook is equipped you could fish with a full inventory. - Added a requirement to equip abyssal vine whip. - Fixed an issue where HCIM were able to gamble. - Added gnome rooftop agility. - Prestiging on game modes baron and king will now give you higher combat bonuses. - Fixed a bunch of raid bugs. - Added infernal pickaxe functionality, 5% chance at combusting an ore while mining. Gaining smithing experience. - Added infernal hatchet functionality, 5% chance at burning a log while woodcutting. Gaining firemaking experience. - Added blurite pickaxe functionality, you will now mine blurite ore a little faster. - Ancient amulet now increases the chance to receive higher monster materials. - All bosses will now drop an elite task scroll at 1% chance. - Revamped Nex droptable. - Scroll of elite, an item which you can upgrade a nex piece with. Dropped by Nex, or Exo Shop. - Added 100% scorpian's scales drop to king black scorpion. - Lowered monster materials required to create a monster mystery box. - Added more drops to abyssal horror. - Added more drops to glacors.
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    Rules and Regulations The Administration Team reserve the right to punish any member as they see fit throughout the entirety of Exora. If you are unsure whether something is considered rule-breaking, ask a staff member before doing so. It is a players responsibility to know the rules or ask whether something is rule-breaking beforehand, we will not accept any excuses in punishment appeals. Staff discretion will be used for all the rules. 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content Within Exora, we seat a culturally diverse community. Communities contain different races, beliefs, ethics, sexual orientations, etc. It is vital that we preserve and protect each culture and that we ensure equality throughout Exora as a whole. The denigration or defamation of a member will not be tolerated. • a. The use of inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another’s race, belief system, mental health, ethics, or sexual orientation is not tolerated whatsoever. Although we have an effective ignore system, we expect our members to be courteous towards one another. • b. Content that is publicized via world yell, public chat, or clan chat that is deemed inappropriate, demeaning, or disrespectful per a staff member’s discretion is not permitted. • c. Account names containing inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another's race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation are not tolerated. 2. Advertising Advertisement of another RSPS related community is strictly prohibited. • a. Widespread, ordinary links (eg. YouTube, RuneLocus, Rune-Server, TopG) are acceptable and will oftentimes be permitted, granted one does not take advantage of this exception. • b. Discussing other active servers in-game and/or on the forums is allowed. Members who wish to advertise a link that is not related to RSPS or was not one of the common links aforementioned may send a link to an administrator and await a response containing approval before publicizing their desired link. • c. Direct advertisement will not be tolerated on Exora. (eg. "Come join Exora the #1 RSPS!"). 3. Spamming We aim to maintain a cordial, pleasant atmosphere on Exora. We expect our members to be respectful to one another. If the content of the spam contains terribly inappropriate, derogatory, or offensive text, the wrongdoer will receive the latter. • a. If a member acquires a donor status that has a fairly short yell cooldown timer, that does not give them the right to abuse it under any circumstances. • b. An auto-typer is allowed via public chat. However, one must have at least 10-second intervals between each message with or without an auto-typer. • c. Excessive begging for personal gain will not be tolerated on Exora. 4. Misleading Links, Hacking, Scamming, and Threats • a. Misleading links are taken extremely seriously. We expect all links to follow the guidelines (see rule 2) and open up to whatever the link was rightfully advertising. • b. Any form of hacking will result in permanent removal from the community. • c. Scamming is not allowed. Players found breaking this rule will be heavily punished. • d.1 Threats that will put a member’s livelihood, security, personal information, and reputation at risk will result in permanent removal from the community. • d.2 Threatening to DDoS a member of the community will not be tolerated, whether you are joking or not. Players found doing this will be punished. Aside from the threats, players found to be actually DDoSing another member of the Exora community will receive a complete removal from the community. 5. Punishment Evasion Punishments that are assigned to members are given to further better Exora as a community and maintain a stable, fair, and efficient environment. With that being said, those who evade will not be dealt with lightly; if a member feels as if they were wrongly punished, they can go about it the right way by appealing and constructively stating their case. 6. Real World Trading The act of purchasing/selling goods or services (accounts, real-life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Exora items etc.) will not be tolerated. This rule further effaces hacks, scams, etc. We will not be held responsible for a scam or hacking. • a. Purchasing or selling any Exora account, or donor status is not permitted on the server or forums. Disclaimer: The attempt or conspiracy to real world trade will be punished the same as if the user had committed the act(s) in question. 7. Account Sharing We say this firmly with no exceptions; If you are hacked by a friend or anyone that YOU allow onto your account, it is all on you. We hold no responsibility for hacked accounts due to account sharing. This also applies if your account is breaking rules. If you allow someone onto your account and they get your account punished, the punishments will stick. • a. Buying/Selling (even if free) any type of service for an account is prohibited ex: Inferno cape service. 8. Third Party Software We strive to maintain an honourable environment where fairness flourishes and hard-earned achievements are commended. • a. The use of botting clients/scripts is forbidden and bannable if proved to be profitable. 9. Encouraging Others to Break Rules Members that are somehow encouraging others to break a rule whether or not the enticed member understands that specific rule will be punished, depending on the extremity or severity of the rule. 10. Bug Abuse Abuse of a bug or glitch that allows a member to somehow have an advantage over another member or the server itself is not tolerated. We strive to better Exora each and every day. In doing so, we ask all members to report any bugs or glitches as soon as they are found. • a. Safe spotting is NOT allowed. Doing so will result in a punishment. 11. Player versus Player (PvP) Exora is not to be held responsible for members who have lost their wealth due to non-server sided disconnections. The only exception to this rule may be the instance of a DDoS attack. However, under this circumstance, the affected member must provide sufficient evidence of the incident. Sufficient evidence may vary depending on the situation and the members involved. We require a recorded video showing the affected members packet loss (e.g. on either TeamSpeak or WireShark) & the Exora client side by side. • a. PvP-Farming will be an immediate punishment for all the accounts involved. • b. Luring is not allowed. 12. World Yell • a. Flaming or flame-baiting via world yell will not be tolerated. On top of the standardized punishment (see rule 1), the wrongdoer will be punished depending on the severity of the text. • b. Luring members over world yell is prohibited. • c. Advertising videos related to Exora is allowed. • d. Anything that can be seen as intentional spam in yell is a muteable offence. 14. VPN Voting Any use of excessively changing your IP-address to vote will not be tolerated whatsoever on Exora. We strive to maintain an honourable environment. Anything that brings an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. 15. Impersonation • a. Impersonating an Exora staff member is strictly prohibited. • b. Impersonating anyone for entertainment or fraud is strictly prohibited. 16. Multi-Logging Multi-logging is not against the rules of Exora, as we do allow players to be logged into multiple accounts at once. However, we feel that bypassing the login limit to gain advantage over other users is unfair. We are striving to maintain an environment in which no player has an exponential advantage over other players. • a. It is strictly prohibited to be logged on more than three accounts at once. Make sure that these 3 accounts don't use the same activity aka farming same boss or crashing people or pvp farming. • b. It is strictly prohibited to use multiple accounts to pk in wilderness.
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    + Monster Hunter From our previous experience running an RSPS, drop tables can be quite hard to get right. You don't want to give too many drops, or give too few drops. We've decided to help out the players that don't get the drops they want by introducing the Monster Materials. You can obtain monster materials by killing monsters. Monster material drops are dependant on the combat level of the monster. Monster materials are able to be traded, or sold to the shopkeeper. If you decide not to take that route, you can gamble your monster materials through the Monster Hunter interface. You will be able to open the interface by clicking on the Monster Hunter object at home. The higher the rarity of materials, the more chance you have of receiving a Monster Mystery Box. In the future you'll be able to hunt for rarer materials and be able to create better boxes or equipment. Monster Mystery Box contains various equipment that help you out with certain aspects of the server. The blurite pickaxe allows you to mine Blurite Ores quicker. The Monster Hunter shield & crossbow allow you to receive more materials. There will be a detailed description of the benefits of the equipments in your skills guide. Upcoming update: Exorian Champion (with custom map)
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    *What is your In-game name? Assassin *What time-zone are you in? GMT +10:00 *What is your discord tag? Torrent25#7683 *Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? Yes i was Gambling Manager/Moderator on another rsps , I was also a Administrator On a discord server of 13k+ *Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? No , I haven't been punished. *Do you like the current staff team? Unfortunately i haven't had to chance to get to know them, But thats something i would love to change, as i would love to get to know the people i aim to work alongside. *Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? I don't have any problems with the staff team. *Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I have experience as staff Both on rsps and on discord, I also Love helping people, I am active and can put in 6-12 hours a day depending on my work schedule. Team player and easy to get along with. *Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? I will active and ready to help out anyone in need of assistance. I have previous experience experience as staff so i believe ill be able to bring that to the team. I willing to help in any way i can, i would love to give to the community and Help the staff team to best of my ability. *Tell us more about yourself? I'm 24 and live in Australia, I love gaming, netflix , I currently working as Supervisor at a Hospital in catering , I plan on Studying next year, Looking to get into IT or something that has been really interesting to me lately is Cyber security. *A picture of your playtime? Playtime maybe low at the moment, but that will soon change!
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    This looks like an incredible kick ass update dude! great work man
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