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  1. Greetings Exorians, It's time for another update, with this we'll end the summer event. All items obtained from the summer event will remain, and consumables will also retain their functionality. You can still access the summer event shop by typing the command ::summershop We're also doing some other changes and have added some slayer abilities. Let's dive right in! Here are the new coupon codes: + Boss Instances We're hearing you when it comes to respawn timers in instances. It can get annoying have to wait for the boss to respawn for a longer time, especially when killing hundreds. We've reduced the respawn timer, within instances by 50% on all bosses. Some bosses received an increase in price due to this. - Added Ganodermic behemoth to the Boss Instances list. + Raid Slayer Abilities We've added new slayer abilities for the high end players. These abilities will increase your overall drop rate for the specific raid ability that you unlocked. That means whether it's a solo, duo or squad raid the drop rate will always be applied. It is also stackable with the skillmaster raid drop rate, if you have that unlocked also. That means if you do a solo raid both skillmaster and slayer raid abilities will stack. + Lietrye Raid Ability - Increases Lietrye drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 1000 points. + Argus Raid Ability - Increases Argus drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 2000 points. + Faceless Raid Ability - Increases Faceless drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 2000 points. + Pinata World Boss We've added a new world boss for immortal+ rank. It has long been asked for a donator type boss. The pinata drop table still remains the same, a part from some small changes. It spawns every 4 hours in the master zone, however only immortals can receive rewards. This will not have a collection log, so it is a donator only world boss. + Undying Heart - The undying heart has been renamed to faceless heart. - The faceless heart will no longer grant ranged strength and melee strength bonuses. - The faceless heart will now grant +20 magic strength instead of +15 magic strength. + Pulsing Heart - You can no longer use both undying heart and pulsing heart at the same time. - Lowered pulsing heart magic strength from +15 to +8 magic strength. + Changes - Lowered the stat increase from enchantment of overcharge from +145 to +140. - Increased the amount of favorited slayer tasks significantly. - Increased the HP and magic defensive bonuses of ebonchill dragon. - Max prestige will no longer grant you 0.50% drop rate. You already get enough drop rate from prestiging. (And we will soon have an item that will increase your maximum prestige cap) - Buffed vorago hide drop rate slightly. - Banker NPCs will now have 'Bank' as their first option. Talk-to as their second. + Skill tasks - Added akdall's tree skill task - Added brew aggression potion skill task. - Added runecrafting akdall rune skill task. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with account pin. It will now only ask you if you've logged in from a new IP and computer. Once verified it will no longer be asked. Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! As always, good luck & have fun!
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