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    I have compiled a list of items that I have seen pulled throughout the game to give players a better understanding on what all is in the chest and have put sets that contain both leg/skirts as set Armours/cosmetics Bandos Runeset Armadyl Rune set Spined armour RockShell armour Dragon armour Obsidan Cape Ganodermic armour Grifolic armour Fungal armour Virtus elite Torva elite Pernix elite Spirit Shields Akrisae armour Elite black armour God Halos Battle mage armour avalani's robe set agile armour Spellcasters gloves Swift gloves Goliath gloves Destruction Armour Gorilla mask Wings (same as votewings) berserker helm Weapons Godswords Saradomin sword Oranate katana Elite Rapier Dragon 2h sword Dragon Claws Dragon Halberd Dark Bow (colored) Armadyl battle staff polypore staff Granite maul Virtus wand Seeds guam seed tarromin seed marrentil seeds dwarf weed seeds snapdragon seeds candantine seeds lantadyme seeds Resources mirthil ore Adamant bar adamantite ore rune ore rune bar lava ore lava bar Misc. gilded bronze pickaxe Deep Rock chest Magma keys burning key dwarven army axe Not sure if this is all the drops will add more as I find more drops not on this list
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